How Filecoin will save the Internet (no joke) with Founding Director- Filecoin Foundation

45m | May 21, 2021

If you’ve had to change your password countless times due to security breaches, you’ll probably get down with Clara Tsao’s agenda. Her initiative for a better, safer internet world is the foundation of this founder’s project: Filecoin.

Clara chats about all the golden opportunities of decentralized web applications and networks. We both agreed that privacy is wayyy more valuable than people give credit to. Although Filecoin did incredibly well in the crypto space, the real value in this project is those who push back against an internet behind closed curtains.

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Clara Tsao is the founding officer and director of Filecoin Foundation with Andrew Fai: DeStation Founder.

The FFDW is a charitable sister organization with a mission to ensure the preservation of humanity’s most important information by stewarding the development of open source software and open protocols.


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