DeFi-antly creative: pplpleasr dives into art, NFTs, Stand with Asians. Featuring Eva as our Co-Host

1h 4m | Jun 10, 2021

DeFi-antly creative: pplpleasr dives into art, NFTs, Stand with Asians

Are you a “people pleaser”? pplpleasr gives us the lowdown on what it’s like inside the mind of someone who feels the need to please. Maybe you already know. I was able to find out what really keeps this rising star up at night. In this deep-dive interview, we get to the root all things pplpleasr: her opinions about NFTs, her artistic vision, her background, and her involvement in the DeFi movement.

pplpleasr is one of the most influential artists in the DeFi space and has sold her work for 310 Ethereum. But she isn’t out for herself. The creative genius is first a humanitarian. She tells us about raising money for the Stand with Asians movement to end hate crimes against Asian minorities. pplpleasr is an incredibly talented artist and has risen to the challenge of working with “big names”... but she has stayed strong in her roots.

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pplpleaser is a rising influential DeFi artist that dabbles in the NFT space. She does big projects for “big names” and is making waves with her content. Memes abound.

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