NFTs, Collectables and the Metaverse

54m | Apr 21, 2021

NFTs is taking the world by storm,  we gather IP holders, games industry veterans and music industry professionals to discuss how they are affected or see adapting to metaverse and digital collectables how they hit it.  Industry leaders discuss how NFTs will change the creative economy and how we think about intellectual property and the future of entertainment and work.

Jonathan Shecter, Defi Investor, Founder of The Source Magazine

Jonathan Shecter is a music and media entrepreneur with over 25 years industry experience. Best known as founding editor of The Source magazine—the world’s leading hip-hop music and culture publication—Shecter founded several music and media companies and served as an executive producer, editor-in-chief, and programming executive across a broad range of platforms, including an influential position at

Shecter is a cryptocurrency investor and consultant, a DeFi enthusiast, and a specialist in content creation, programming, and curating—with an eye towards high quality output.


William Bao Bean Investor to Superworld

William Bao Bean is a General Partner at SOSV He has been investing in the NFT space, including investing in Superworld. Superworld is a virtual real estate platform where users can buy, sell, collect, and curate over 64 billion unique plots of virtual land.


 Eric Jou Gaming Industry Expert

Writer, gamer, and dog lover, Eric Jou strives to connect people through gaming. As a member of the global publisher relations team and lead in Asia Pacific Japan, Eric works with ESL turtle entertainment, closely with game developers and publishers to bring their competitive esports ambitions to fruition.


 KK Yang - President of Beast Kingdom

KK Yang is the President of Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. a leading Taiwanese global toy manufacturer that has distributed products into thousands of shops in over 40 different countries and received various awards since 2012. Beast Kingdom has been awarded Disney’s “Licenser of the Year Award” for many consecutive years and is also a major licenser for Line Friends. 

Jimmy Weng, Senior Sales Bandai Namco Collectibles

Jimmy Weng is the senior e-commerce sales manager at Bandai Namco Collectibles, the leading master and channel distributor of Japanese toys, collectibles, novelty and hobby products. Jimmy has over 20 years of experience in e-commerce.


 Patrice Chou, Art Curator

Patrice Chou is an interdisciplinary curator and actively participates in international art events. Having focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in recent years, Chou collaborates with professionals from different fields for a variety of creative projects.

 Yuan Wang, Chief Strategy Officer at Algorithmic Creations and Grizzled Game Veteran

Yuan Wang is the Chief Strategy Officer at Algorithmic Creations and mentors startups at Chinaccelerator and MOX. As a game designer and programmer, he has previously worked at Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, and LucasArt, and helped design, code, and operate award-winning 3D video games including Descent, Jedi-Knight, and WoW.

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