Kai Huang on the beginnings of Guitar Hero and 886 Studio.

59m | Jun 27, 2021

Do you know the magic $number$ that would convince you to let go of your baby? Kai Huang, founder of Guitar Hero, shares the inside scoop on Activision buying out RedOctane. If you’ve ever wondered just how much they sold it for, here’s your answer. In a mad-money world, Kai tells us not to forget about the important goals in life: having fun with friends.

Big things continued to come his way with the collaboration that created 886 Studios: an accelerator that helps Taiwanese entrepreneurs go global with their startup projects. With the agenda planned for an internationally accessible Taiwan, this global organization is making waves in the Taiwanese startup space.

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Kai Huang founded Guitar Hero which was sold to Activision in 2006. He is currently working on his new project: 886 Studios in Taiwan, an up and coming accelerator.

For more information on the inner workings of 886 Studios, check it


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