What you oughta know about the startup scene in Taiwan. Steve Chen and Jack Fu.

44m | Mar 31, 2021

What you oughta know about the startup scene in Taiwan

How much do you know about tech founders in Taiwan? And the infamous rush for the Gold Card visa? In the first ever podcast episode, host Amber and co-host Chrissy talk to Jack Fu from Draco Capital & YouTube founder Steven Chen about the ins and outs of:

  • Moving to Taiwan (the world leader in preventing spread of COVID) 
  • Getting the Gold Card visa
  • The next steps for founders in Taiwan

Steve and Jack offer insight into entrepreneurship in Asia in our modern times. If you’ve ever been curious about the Taiwan startup ecosystem, this is your chance to hear about its growth from an inside source. Jack gives us insight into his AI hedge fund and offers his opinion on the future of Taiwan in the face of the global pandemic.

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Steve Chen is the first person to hold the Taiwan Gold Card, an initiative to bring high level, foreign talent to Taiwan.


Information on the Gold Card:

Jack Fu is the Managing Director at Draco Capital, a macro hedge fund based in Newport Beach and Taipei.


Connect with Draco Capital:


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