What the Future Holds for Crypto Investing and Custody. Ivan Li, Red building capital and Calvin Shen of Hex Trust.

58m | Apr 14, 2021

If you’re in the crypto market, listen up. This episode dives deep into cyber security and data-driven industrial blockchain solutions with Ivan from Red Building Capital in Taiwan & Clavin Shen from Hex Trust. 

In the podcast, Ivan shares his journey with us (and it’s a good one). All the way from starting a business and working with large corporations in Taiwan (right out of school), to working with TMSC - Ivan has now started pursuing his own fund.  

Host Amber and Ivan talk strategy on quant trading and how they managed to 200X their year-to-date performance. Calvin Shen from Hex Trust chimes in with his opinions on the importance of custody today, and how it ties into crypto adoption.

Hex Trust Capital recently received A-series investment from leading blockchain firms, and Calvin is here to tell you how. From a small HK startup to leading institutional adoption of blockchain in Asia, Hex Trust has made huge strides in the crypto market in Asia. 

The Amber Show is comin’ in hot from Taiwan: a bi-weekly discussion of what's going on in the tech community in Asia, the Crypto and DeFi space & highlighting inspiring founders’ stories across Asia/Taiwan. 


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Content of the video

00:00 - - Intro

00:18 - - Welcoming the guests Calvin Shen-Hex Trust & Ivan Li-Red Building Capital

00:53 - - Ivan Li's background

02:21 - - Calvin Shen's background

03:56 - - About Hex Trust

05:35 - - Will it be difficult for large institutions to enter Asia market?

06:30 - - What is your view on the sector here in Taiwan? 

08:29 - - What is your approach to Cybersecurity?

10:54 - - What are other technologies that are being deployed besides blockchain?

12:09 - - Are there other companies in your portfolio focused on security?

13:13 - - Who needs a third-party custody solution?

15:43 - - How do we keep our Crypto or data safe?

19:30 - - What are the main questions or solutions that your clients ask for?

23:18 - - What kind of licenses or regulations have you acquired?

26:03 - - How was your fund’s performance this year?

27:29 - - Red Building Capital

29:23 - - Are you looking for new projects or interesting startups to invest in and do you only focus on Taiwan-based teams?

33:02 - - What is your view on expanding your startups beyond Taiwan?

36:48 - - How is Hex Trust competitive with others in the regional market?

40:50 - - What's stopping others from providing their own custody solutions?

42:37 - - Are you thinking about getting into Defi, NFTs?

43:44 - - What words of caution would you give to people getting started with crypto?

48:24 - - What do you see happening in the next six months to a year?

50:46 - - What do you think is the next big thing to encourage adoption?

54:08 - - Closing note

55:02 - - How do you think Covid has affected the crypto  industry in Taiwan?


Calvin Shen is the head of Sales and Business Development at Hex Trust,  leading provider of bank-grade custody for digital assets.


Hex Trust:

Ivan Li is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Red Building Capital, 


Red Building Capital:


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