The Best Way to Grow Your Startup in Asia with Top VC: William Bao Bean

58m | Apr 21, 2021

The tech community in Asia is calling for founders' stories. So, here it is: get insider knowledge from one of the best in biz. William, the general partner at SOSV (the most active global venture capital firm), set up MOX: a mobile only accelerator that connects internet companies. 

Host Amber gets down to the root of William’s recent promising investments, finding your perfect market fit & doing smart business in China. But the core of this week’s podcast is William’s journey of investing in BitMEX.

William was the first investor in the multi-billion dollar company that rocked the crypto space. Listen in to learn more about how they started off in Shanghai and the scoop on how they first generated income thanks to a market fit with retail bitcoin investors. The end resulted in huge portfolio gains across Southeast Asia. 

The Amber Show is comin’ in hot from Taiwan: a bi-weekly discussion of what's going on in the tech community in Asia, the Crypto and DeFi space & highlighting inspiring founders’ stories across Asia/Taiwan. 


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William Bao Bean is now based in Taipei, Taiwan after years of making waves in Shanghai. 


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