Longevity, Will we Live Forever?

1h 28m | May 26, 2021

What is longevity? What are the possibilities for us and what are the different schools of thought we see today? Discussing the current opportunities and future on this topic everyone is curious about.

Toby Overmaat, Coherence Bio

Toby Overmaat is founder of Coherence Bio, which develops point-of-care molecular diagnostics devices. She also previously founded Zhihui Health Tech, which uses genetic and lifestyle data to predict chronic disease.

Chris Shu, Pacific 8 Ventures

Chris is the founding managing partner at Pacific 8 Ventures, an investment firm focused on disruptive technology platforms and healthcare - especially those transforming therapeutics, diagnostics and broader health services within the US market.

Ser-Chen Fu, Pacific 8 Ventures

Ser-Chen is a partner at Pacific 8 Ventures and a Doctor of Medicine with over 10 years of clinical experience.

Sam Martin, Invitae

Sam is a regional account manager at Invitae, a genetic testing company that informs you of your genetic blueprint to stay on top of your health and prevent potential risk of developing diseases.

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