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Kalani Starr Presents Hood Scholarship

Kalani Starr takes you through the end of the spectrum and back researching every point in between. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kalani-starr5/support


The People of the Bible are descendants of the oldest Civilization
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Jesus Disses YWHW
Show Details1min 55s
The Pope ERASED the Holy Name Of God
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YHWH is a member of the Elohim
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YHWH is NOT a name & "I am what I am" isn't the only translation
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"God" is a mistranslation
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Enki is Enlil's father and Marduk is a title used for Enlil
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The Annunaki are NOT from Nibiru!
Show Details4min 43s
The Origins of The Garden Of Eden Part Two
Show Details10min 21s
The Origins Of The Garden Of Eden Part One
Show Details4min 12s
Mesopotamian Sources
Show Details6min 29s
You can't be Anti-Semitic to a Non-Semitic group of people!
Show Details9min 52s
Follow The White Rabbit Part 2
Show Details13min 25s
Follow The White Rabbit Part 1
Show Details13min 54s
The Eridu Genesis
Show Details15min 22s
The Song Of The Hoe
Show Details14min 12s
The Sumerian Kings List (SKL)
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Hood Scholarship: Mesopotamian Series Intro
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The Deception of the Resurrection: The Okie Doke Part 2
Show Details12min 30s
The Deception Of The Resurrection: The Okie Doke Part 1
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Propaganda or Fact? Did Hitler warn the world who the True "Jews" were?
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P.S.A. Glitch In The Matrix
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April Fool's Day
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Hood Scholarship Intro
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