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Thinking critically and Christianly about politics. Tune in interviews and discussions about political engagement in a biblical context. Cross the Line host and TCB Editor-in-Chief Daniel Hostetter engages TCB contributors, local and national political leaders, and pacesetters in Christian thought.


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Joe Carter | Conspiracies, Corona, and the Church
Show Details18min 16s
Karen Swallow Prior | Literary Virtue, Intellectual Hospitality, and Civic Justice
Show Details34min 23s
Caleb Steindel | Abortion and the PA Family Institute
Show Details24min 17s
Covid-19 Overview & Analysis
Show Details9min 43s
Round Table | March For Life 2020
Show Details11min 56s
Congressman John Joyce (PA-13)
Show Details2min 51s
Welcome to Cross the Line
Show Details2min 20s