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Surplus Geek Podcast

Military surplus can vary from the smallest of items such as pins and medals all the way to massive pieces of history such as tanks! This means there is no one way to collect surplus and like any hobby there is a ton to specialize in or focus on.

Join me as I dive into the many corners of the mil-surp collecting world and maybe I'll bring along a guest to help lay everything out.

I will also stray at times into other related topics such as serving in the military and discussing the historical significance behind all of this. If you are a die hard collector, maybe just someone who only has a few pieces or even someone who just enjoys the topic or history, I think you will want to hear my ramblings so stick around!


S2-Episode 6: Lets Talk About LunaGeek520's Biggest Project Yet
Show Details54min 42s
S2-Episode 5: Movies, Reenacting, and more with GI Jones
Show Details57min
S2-Episode 4: Update, Instagram, and Mental Health Issues in the Army
Show Details34min
S2-Episode 3: Why collecting Scandinavian Militaria is Important
Show Details1hr 7min
S2-Episode 2: A European Perspective of the War
Show Details44min 52s
S2-Episode 1: Music as a Career in the Army
Show Details56min 1s
S1-Episode 9: Bailey is back from Yellowstone
Show Details39min 52s
S1-Episode 8: Conversation with a Game Developer
Show Details57min 31s
S1-Episode 7: Q&A
Show Details25min 32s
Just an Update
Show Details14min 46s
S1-Episode 6: Kits, Impressions and more!
Show Details35min 19s
S1-Episode 5: Photography Basics, we aren't experts!
Show Details44min 40s
S1-Episode 4: The Basics of Researching
Show Details44min 14s
S1-Episode 3: Preserving History
Show Details56min 20s
S1-Episode 2: eBay is King
Show Details45min 46s
S1-Episode 1: Collecting
Show Details33min 40s
The beginning with more to come!
Show Details12min 16s