New Homebuyer Central Podcast

Have you ever wondered how to buy a house? Are you a first-time homebuyer? Do you know about first-time home buyer grants, first-time homebuyer programs, or even how to get a first-time home buyer loan? Here in the new home buyer central podcast, we are walking you step by step through the entire process and answering all the questions that you never even knew to ask.

The new home buyer central podcast is taking the guesswork out of buying your new home.

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Closing Day!
Show Details13min 16s
Getting the Appraisal
Show Details9min 14s
Clearing the Home Title
Show Details9min 15s
The Home Inspection
Show Details12min 14s
Let's Make An Offer
Show Details14min 38s
Let The Showings Begin
Show Details10min 43s
Finding The Right Home
Show Details15min 25s
Your Down-Payment & Pre-Approval
Show Details8min 15s
Understanding your Mortgage
Show Details13min 6s
Finding A Qualified Lender
Show Details18min 26s
Get Your Ducks In A Row
Show Details9min 9s
How To Get The Lowest Monthly Payment
Show Details13min 1s
How much house can you afford?
Show Details9min 45s