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Under Pressure

Hi my name is Michael Cox. Ever since I can remember my biggest passion in life has been sports. This will be a daily show where you get videos about everything NBA


How Do They Bounce Back? | What's Next For The Boston Celtics?
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How To Keep Bradley Beal | What's Next For The Washington Wizards?
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Bucks vs Suns Game 5 Was Amazing
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How To Get Out Of The Middle? | What's Next For The San Antonio Spurs?
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Building Around Lamelo Ball | What's Next For The Charlotte Hornets?
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Khris Middleton and Giannis Were Amazing Tonight
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The Most Important Offseason In The NBA | What's Next For The New Orleans Pelicans?
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How Do They Finally Make The Playoffs | What's Next For The Sacramento Kings?
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Make Or Break | What's Next For The Chicago Bulls?
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A Huge Offseason | What's Next For The Minnesota Timberwovles?
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Giannis and The Bucks Look GREAT In Game 3
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HUGE Trade Coming! What's Next For The Golden State Warriors?
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Brightest Future In The NBA | What's Next For The OKC Thunder?
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Keon Johnson: 2021 NBA Draft Scouting Report'/Breakdown
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Jalen Johnson: 2021 NBA Draft Scouting Report/Breakdown
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Full Rebuild Mode | What's Next For The Orlando Magic?
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Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks | Who Will Win?
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Back To the Playoffs? | What's Next For The Toronto Raptors?
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Moses Moody 2021 NBA Draft Scouting Report/Breakdown
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Jalen Green or Evan Mobley | What's Next For The Houston Rockets?
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The Suns Are Making The NBA Finals!!!
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Paul George Has The Game Of His Life
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Khris Middleton Is The Best Basketball Player Ever
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The Suns Go Up 3-1 On The Clippers
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Post Lottery 2021 NBA Mock Draft! | Cade Cunnigham, Evan Mobley, Jalen Suggs, Jalen Green, Ect.
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Can The Clippers Come Back Down 0-2 Again??
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The Detroit Pistons Are Getting Cade Cunningham | What's Next?
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The Hawks Have The Best Future In The NBA | The 76ers Need To Blow It Up
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Devin Booker Is THAT GUY!
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The Bucks Beat The Nets In A CRAZY Game 7
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The 76ers Have An All-Time Meltdown vs The Hawks
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Paul George Deserves Your Respect
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The Suns Sweep The Nuggets
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Kyrie Irving Is Injured | The Milwaukee Bucks Are BACK!
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76ers vs Hawks Is Over
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Luka Doncic's Teammates Failed Him | Kawhi Leonard Is Amazing
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The Bucks Look Really Bad In Game 1 Vs The Nets
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Nets vs Bucks Series Preview
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The Portland Trail Blazers Need To Blow It Up
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Luka Doncic and The Mavericks Beat The LA Clippers In A HUGE Game 5
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Danny Ainge Leaves The Boston Celtics and Brad Stevens Replaces Him
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NBA Players To Buy Stock In
Show Details1hr 12min
How Good Are The Denver Nuggets
Show Details1hr 4min
The Most Underrated Players In The NBA
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Trade Deadline Reaction
Show Details1hr 15min
What's Wrong With The Boston Celtics?
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Why Cade Cunningham Is The BEST Player In The 2021 NBA Draft
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Basketball Is Back
Show Details1hr 5min
Top 25 Players Under 25
Show Details1hr 9min
NBA Buy or Sell
Show Details1hr 18min
Midseason Power Rankings
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NBA All-Star Reserves Reaction
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Trades That Could Shake Up The NBA
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NBA All-Star Starters Reaction
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NBA Contender Or Pretender
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NBA G League Bubble Preview
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2021 Super Bowl Reaction
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Ranking The Top 25 NBA Players So Far
Show Details1hr 9min
Grading Every NBA Team So Far
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1 Trade Every NBA Contender Should Make
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NFL Conference Championship Reaction
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First Month NBA All-Stars
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NFL Divisional Round Reaction
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Trade Targets For Every NBA Team
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James Harden Trade Reaction
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NFL Wildcard Weekend Reactions
Show Details1hr 19min
Will This Keep Up?
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NFL Wildcard Prediction
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The Biggest Surprises and Disapointments Of The 2021 NBA Season
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First Week NBA Awards
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NBA Christmas Game Reactions
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2021 NBA Season Over/Unders
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NBA Season Previews: Southwest Division
Show Details1hr 27min
NBA Season Previews: Pacific Division
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NBA Season Previews: Northwest Division
Show Details1hr 22min
NBA Season Previews: Southeast Division
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NBA Season Previews: Central Division
Show Details1hr 29min
NBA Season Previews: Atlantic Division
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My 2021 NBA Season Predictions
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2020 NBA Free Agency Reaction
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The Winners and Losers Of The 2020 NBA Draft
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My 2020 NBA Draft Preview Pt.2
Show Details53min 46s
My 2020 NBA Draft Preview Pt.1
Show Details1hr 39min
These NBA Rumors Are Getting CRAZY
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Ranking The Top 50 NBA Players Part 2 (25-1)
Show Details1hr 44min
Ranking The Top 50 NBA Players Part 1 (50-26)
Show Details1hr 22min
Ranking The Top 10 Centers In The NBA
Show Details1hr 31min
Ranking The Top Ten Power Forwards In The NBA
Show Details1hr 36min
Ranking The Top Ten Small Forwards In The NBA
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Ranking The Top Ten Shooting Guards In The NBA
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Ranking The Top Ten Point Guards In The NBA
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Ranking The Best Moments Of The 2020 NBA Season
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The Lakers Are Your 2020 NBA Champions
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Can The Miami Heat Comeback?
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Jimmy Butler Saves The Heat
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NFL Team Power Rankings
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The NBA Finals Are Here
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The NBA Finals Are Almost Here
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Who's Making The NBA Finals?
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The Conference Finals Are Here
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This Is What Playoff Basketball Is All About
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The NFL Is Back
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The Second Round Has Been INSANE
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We Got 4 Amazing Series
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The Second Round Of The Playoffs Is Almost Here
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The Playoffs Have Been Amazing
Show Details1hr 20min
Recapping Every Playoff Series
Show Details1hr 8min
Playoff Basketball Is Here
Show Details1hr 9min
My 2020 Playoff Prediction
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My NBA Award Show
Show Details1hr 47min
Takeaways For Every Team
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These Games Have Been Amazing
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The NBA Is Back
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The Under Pressure Podcast Trailer
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