The GOP Primary Isn't Over, It Never Was; Personal Update; Uvalde Report; Iran; Elevator Talk & more

43m | Jan 18, 2024

Your Heard Tell Show for January 18th, 2024 is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern our times by talking about the GOP primary not being over, because it was never a primary in anything but name in the first place as Donald Trump crushes in Iowa and is cruising to the Republican presidential nomination. We update folks on why there hasn't been a Heard Tell in a while, what it means, and how things might be a bit different for a while as we try to continue with the program. Then we talk about the DOJ's released Uvalde report and how the lessons that need to be learned had better be, and that only happens with public pressure and accountability. We go overseas where Iran is making all sorts of enemies and now has picked a fight with Pakistan on top of everything else. Finally, we talk elevator conversations, and the stupid things we say in public places to avoid actual conversations.

All that and more on this episode of Heard Tell.


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