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Turning down the noise of what we are hearing in the news cycle, social media, and the discourse while turning up the information on culture, politics, and the issues of the day with knowledgeable guests and grown folk discussion. Hosted by Andrew Donaldson.


Good Talks: A Better Way To Discuss 2nd Amendment, Gun Control, Gun Rights, & Mass Shootings w/ Benjamin Ayanian
Show Details28min 10s
34 Years in Prison For Tweeting, Grown Folk Talk on Guns, Machiavelli, Neighbors w/ Benjamin Ayanian
Show Details48min 48s
Good Talks: Student Loan Debt, Higher Ed Policy, Forgiveness Debates, & Systemic Issues w/ Flavia Nunez
Show Details38min 2s
Student Loan Debt & Forgiveness, Truth Behind Viral IRS "Training", Charity Stats, w/ Flavia Nunez
Show Details48min 39s
Good Talks: Europe Giving Nuclear A Second Look, Energy Crisis, Green Seeing Red, & More w/ Christopher Barnard
Show Details29min 35s
GOP Campaign Spending, Nuclear & EU Energy Crisis, Election Security, India, w/ Christopher Barnard
Show Details48min 51s
Good Talks: The Casualties In The War On Drugs: The Poor, Folks of Color, & Communities & Others w/ Finesse Moreno-Rivera
Show Details29min 44s
Casualties in War on Drugs, DOJ Investigates SBC, Iran & Rushdie, Mexico, w/ Finesse Moreno-Rivera
Show Details48min 49s
Good Talks: Tax Policies of the US, Uk, and EU, VAT, Coporate Tax Rates, & Why You Should Care w/ Sean Bray
Show Details31min 36s
Tax Policy of US, UK, & EU; GOP Rep's Reax to Mar-a-Lago Search; Climate Change & Kids; w/ Sean Bray
Show Details47min 39s
Twice On Sunday: Afghanistan, Dead Presidents, Economy, Africa, CPAC Dallas & More
Show Details2hr 37min
Heard Tell Podcast: What Really Happened at CPAC Dallas, Trump, Orban, Straka-MTG Cage, & more w/ Chris Schlak
Show Details45min 1s
Good Talks: China's Investments, Intentions, & Interference in Africa w/ Alexander Jelloian
Show Details20min 15s
Reaction To News Stories, DIY Internet, China's African Ambitions, CPAC & More w/ Alexander Jelloian
Show Details48min 47s
Good Talks: The Stories & History Behind The Eight US Presidents Who Have Died In Office w/ Sarah Stook
Show Details38min 9s
Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant & Reactions, Presidents Who Died In Office, Little League, w/ Sarah Stook
Show Details48min 47s
Best of Heard Tell: Kazakhstan and Afghanistan
Show Details47min 46s
Good Talks: Economic Headlines & Narratives, Inflation, Recession, & more w/ economist Dr Stephen Popick
Show Details27min 1s
Economist Critiques Economy Headlines, Remote Work Debate, Non-Church Evangelicals, w/ Stephen Popick
Show Details48min 39s
Good Talks: Afghanistan One Year After Fall of Kabul, Turf War Between Taliban & ISIS-K w/ Prathamesh Yemul
Show Details28min 27s
Vote-a-rama/Inflation Reduction Act, Alex Jones, Afghanistan, AR-15s in Schools, w/ Prathamesh Yamul
Show Details48min 29s
Twice on Sunday: Anti-Semitism, 2A, Alzheimer's Scandal, Zoning, Primary Results, & more
Show Details2hr 37min
Good Talks: What Is Really Going On With Alzheimer’s Disease Research & Misconduct Scandal w/ Dr Ryan Townley
Show Details33min 49s
Alzheimer’s Research Scandal, FBI Arrests For Breonna Taylor Murder, Afghanistan, w/ Dr Ryan Townley
Show Details48min 55s
Good Talks: Midterm Primary Results from Arizona, Missouri, Kanas, Michigan, & Washington w/ Joe Szymanski
Show Details33min 28s
What China's Reax to Pelosi in Taiwan Really Means, Primary News, NATO Senate Vote, w/ Joe Szymanski
Show Details48min 38s
Parsing Out the Real Mike Pence from Indiana, to Jan 6h, to 2024 Presidential Run w/ Tom LoBianco
Show Details47min 49s
Good Talks: 2nd Amendment & Gun Control From Legislation, to Court Rulings, to Conservation w/ Gabriella Hoffman
Show Details34min 25s
Dollar Stores as Economic Indicators, 2A Issues, PACT Act Update, Wiffle Ball, w/ Gabriella Hoffman
Show Details48min 40s
Good Talks: Anti-Semitism Past & Present, Personal Stories, Doug Mastriano, Putin, & more w/ Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details28min 14s
Anti-Semitism Past & Present, Office v Remote Work, Choco Tacos, KY Flooding, w/ Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details47min 48s
Twice on Sunday: UK PM Race, Are We/Aren't We in a Recession, Zoning, Kazakhstan, Cuba, YouTube, Reddit & more
Show Details2hr 41min
Good Talks: Zoning, Urban/City Planning Policies, Affordable Housing, Culture & Politics Thereof w/ Nolan Gray
Show Details30min 4s
Good Talks: Cuban in Crisis: Protests, Crackdowns, Gas & Food Shortages, Healthcare Collapse w/ Cassandra Shand
Show Details20min 50s
PACT Act/Burn Pit Hot Mess, Zoning/Housing Policy, Putin's Weaponized Refugees, Cuomo, w/ Nolan Gray
Show Details48min 6s
Good Talks: Kazakhstan at the Crossroads of Russia, China, Oil, Human Rights, Geopolitics, & more w/ Roy Mathews
Show Details16min 56s
"Lazy Millennials" Myth, Kazakhstan At Crossroads, Cubans in Crisis w/ Roy Mathews & Cassanra Shand
Show Details48min 48s
Good Talks: Influence, Issues, and Institutionalization of Reddit and YouTube w/Journalist Peter Pischke
Show Details29min 21s
Why Hulu Really Blocked Political Ads, Media & Audience, YouTube & Reddit Issues, W/ Peter Pischke
Show Details48min 39s
Good Talks: Are We/Aren't We in a Recession, Language Problem Discussing Economics, & More w/ Alexander Salter
Show Details26min 7s
Are We/Aren't We in a Recession, Civil War Bluster, Uvlade, Monkeypox, & more w/ Alexander Salter
Show Details47min 56s
Good Talks: Conservative Leadership Race, Rishi Sunak v Liz Truss, Boris, & UK Politics w/ Lettice Bromovsky
Show Details38min 29s
Rishi Sunak v Liz Truss & UK Politics, The Citizen in The Arena Story, JJ Watt, w/ Lettice Bromovsky
Show Details48min 37s
Twice on Sunday: Uvalde Report, Deep Dive on Rights, Gas Prices, Movies, & More
Show Details2hr 27min
Best of Heard Tell: Living w/HIV since 1985, Bad Comps to COVID, & Overcoming w/ David Hubbell
Show Details56min 59s
Turning Down the Noise on Mental Health Both Personally and In Media Depictions w/ Dr Kathryn Gordon
Show Details48min 48s
Good Talks: Summer Box Office, Business of Film vs Streaming, Awards, Tomatometer, & more w/ Luis Mendez
Show Details35min 22s
A Good Old Fashioned Satanic Panic, UK PM Race Final Two, Baking Heals Teen, Movies w/ Luis Mendez
Show Details47min 25s
Good Talks: Discussing Our Rights & The Law From Declaration to Constitution to Today's Headlines w/Burt Likko
Show Details37min 14s
Grown Folk Talk About Rights & The Law, "Great Replacement" Enmity, Virginia Flooding, w/ Burt Likko
Show Details48min 35s
Good Talks: Who's To Blame For High Gas Prices, Energy Policy, Climate, Environment, & More w/ Jeff Luse
Show Details27min 37s
Campaign Silly Season, Darkness & Troubles in Cuba, Gas Prices, UK Prime Minister Race, w/Jeff Luse
Show Details48min 32s
We Read The Robb Elementary Report Verbatim About What Happened In Uvalde and Why
Show Details48min 37s
Twice on Sunday: Practical Economics, First Ladies, Medicare, Elon v Twitter, & More
Show Details2hr 24min
Good Talks: Energy Policy, Abuse of Defense Production Act, Gas Prices, Nuclear, & More w/ Jakob Puckett
Show Details24min 53s
Military Recruitment & Gov't Mistrust, BA5, Disco Foretold JWST, Energy/Gas Policy w/ Jakob Puckett
Show Details48min 37s
Good Talks: The History, Mystery, Myths, & Legends of US First Ladies From Jackie to Dr Jill w/ Sarah Stook
Show Details35min 1s
Uvalde Video Released, Viral Ohio Abortion Story Arrest, History of US First Ladies, w/ Sarah Stook
Show Details48min 36s
Good Talks: Elon Musk v Twitter Heads To Court, How It Came To This & What Happens Next w/ James Czerniawski
Show Details26min 23s
News Consumption Plunges, Musk v Twitter Heads To Court, Who's Replacing Boris, w/ James Czerniawski
Show Details48min 18s
Good Talks: The Coming Insolvency of the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund & Medicare w/ Elise Amez-Droz
Show Details21min 38s
Sri Lanka's Leaders Flee, Freedom of Press/Religion, Medicare Trust Fund, Goonies, w/Elise Amez-Droz
Show Details48min 36s
Good Talks: Practical Economics, In Real Life Examples of What's Going On In The Economy, & more w/ Jericho Hill
Show Details37min 17s
Biden Admin's Strategy (or lack thereof), Practial Economics, Bannon & 1/6 Hearings, w/ Jericho Hill
Show Details47min 49s
Twice on Sunday: UK Politics, Elon Musk v Twitter, Opioid Crisis, Fatherhood, 4th of July
Show Details3hr 10min
Special Edition: Elon Musk Pulls Out Of Twitter Deal, Reviewing How We Covered The Story
Show Details1hr 3min
Good Talks: Opioid Crisis, BIg Pharma On Trial, Political & Legal Overlap, & More w/ journalist Courtney Hessler
Show Details25min 6s
Abe Assassinated in Japan, Opioid Crisis & Big Pharma Trial in WV, Supply Chain, w/ Courtney Hessler
Show Details48min 30s
Heard Tell Special Edition: Boris Johnson Resigns, Review of Our Coverage of UK Politics, & more
Show Details48min 33s
Good Talks: UK Politics, Boris on the Brink, & Addressing Racism in Culture & Politics w/ Albie Amankona
Show Details32min 7s
Inflation IRL, Boris on the Brink, Pass(ed) Edibles, Racism in Culture &Politics, w/ Albie Amankona
Show Details48min 39s
Fatherhood, Families, Communities, Criminal Justice, & Causes of Violence w/ Joshua Crawford
Show Details28min 31s
Jan 6th Committee & DOJ Bicker, Bad EU News, Kruzan Pardoned, Fatherhood & Justice w/Joshua Crawford
Show Details48min 33s
Good Talks: Talking US/UK Special Relationship for 4th of July, From Rebellion to Allies & more w/ Ben Harris
Show Details28min 13s
Revolutionary War Vet In His Own Words , Putin's African Famine, Hamilton, 4th of July w/ Ben Harris
Show Details47min 34s
Twice On Sunday: Heard Tell Interviews From the Week of 27 June - 1 July
Show Details2hr 48min
Good Talks: How Congress Really Works, Gun Legislation Was Passed, Thom Tillis , & more w/journalist Eric Garica
Show Details33min 58s
How the US Senate Really Works, Public Pension Reform, guests journalist Eric Garcia & Jen Sidorova
Show Details48min 38s
Good Talks: Taxes and Tax Policies, "Tax the Rich", International Implications of US regulations w/ Travis Nix
Show Details26min 52s
Honoring Woody Williams, Marcos Jr & the Philippines, Flint Water Charges, Tax Policy, w/ Travis Nix
Show Details48min 19s
Good Talks: UK Politics, Inflation & Cost of Living Crisis, & FDA's Ongoing War on Vaping w/ Alys Watson Brown
Show Details30min 45s
Truth vs Bureaucracy in Uvalde, UK Politics, NATO Appeases Turkey, FDA Casuist w/ Alys Watson Brown
Show Details47min 53s
Good Talks: Primary Election Reviews and Updates, Midterm News, & General Election Projections w/ Joe Szymanski
Show Details35min 47s
Freedom & Responsibility, Primary/General Election Updates, SCOTUS History Lesson, w/ Joe Szymanski
Show Details48min 32s
Good Talks: Politics, Architecture, History, & Current Events Collide at Embassies w/ Journalist Molly McCluskey
Show Details27min 50s
The Divided States of Abortion, True Embassy Stories, Russia Plundering Ukraine, w/ Molly McCluskey
Show Details48min 22s
Twice on Sunday: Best of Heard Tell on Economics, Law, Culture & Politics
Show Details2hr 25min
Best of Heard Tell: Economists and Economy Edition
Show Details48min 41s
Best of Heard Tell Legal Edition: Attorneys Em Carpenter & Burt Likko Lawsplain, Proffer, & Educate
Show Details48min 16s
Best of Heard Tell: Excerpts From Some of Our Grown Folks Discussions With Five Great Guests
Show Details48min 11s
Good Talks: The Politics of Latino Culture, Debate Over Identity, & Diversity Beyond The Labels w/Garion Frankel
Show Details28min 10s
News Headline Manipulation, Politics of Latino Culture Labels, Uvalde Lawyers Up, w/ Garion Frankel
Show Details48min 41s
Good Talks: Grown Folks Talk on January 6th, Trump, Congress, Ashli Babbitt, & Mastriano w/ Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details31min 28s
Grown Folk Talk on Jan 6th, Art & Culture Wars, EVs and Unicorns, Dolly Parton, w/Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details47min 39s
Good Talks: From Communism to America, & The Lessons Learned and Experiences To Apply Here w/ Daniel Di Martino
Show Details31min 29s
Xi & Putin Huddle Up, Service Sector Workers, Living Under Communism, Therapy, w/ Daniel Di Martino
Show Details48min 12s
How America Sold Out Little League Baseball & Changed Our Communities & Culture w/ John W. Miller
Show Details24min 24s
President Biden & Gas Prices, Selling Out Little League, From Mickey Ds to Space, w/ John W. Miller
Show Details48min 33s
Good Talks: Student Loan Debt Forgiveness, Higher Ed Cost, & more w/ Sean Themea
Show Details21min 20s
Good Talks: Gas Prices, Gas Taxes, and Gas Policy & Politics in Australia w/ Pavel Pfitzner
Show Details18min 21s
Truth Á La Carte, Gas Prices Down Under, Student Loan Forgiveness w/Pavel Pfitzner & Sean Themea
Show Details47min 51s
Good Talks: Education Issues, Charter School Caps, School Choice, & Post-COVID Learning w/ Cooper Conway
Show Details28min 14s
Handling Bad News, Boudin Recall, Education Issues, Military-Industrial Moves, guest Cooper Conway
Show Details48min 10s
Good Talks: What The Data Really Says About Gun Violence, Mass Shootings, & Gun Control w/Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details26min 3s
Turning Down the Noise on Gun Violence Data, Health Update, Buffalo 911 Fail, guest Michael Siegel
Show Details48min 36s
Good Talks: Top Gun Triumphs, Movie Business Post-COVID, Stream verses Theatrical Release & more w/ Luis Mendez
Show Details32min 48s
Uvalde Police Stop Cooperating, Putin Starves Africa, Durham Fizzle, Top Gun & Movies w/ Luis Mendez
Show Details47min 33s
Good Talks: Reddit Comes For Law Enforcement Moderators After Uvalde, Housing Data, & more w/ Jericho Hill
Show Details28min 8s
Accountability for Buffalo & Uvalde, India's UCC Push, Redditors Take LE to Task, guest Jericho Hill
Show Details48min 7s
Hear Tell: Twice on Sunday for May 29th, 2022
Show Details2hr 30min
Victims of Uvalde, LE Response Outrage, "Nobody Wants To Work" Narrative, Monkeypox, Biden's Reality
Show Details47min 48s
Good Talks: UK Proposals For Age Restrictions, Speech, and Anonymity Online w/ Jason Reed
Show Details28min 3s
How Kemp Trumped MAGA in GA, Xinjiang Police Files, Free Speech & Online Anonymity, guest Jason Reed
Show Details47min 41s
Good Talks: Explaining Shinn v Ramirez SCOTUS Ruling, Need For Good Lawyers, Legal Reforms, w/ Em Carpenter
Show Details28min 48s
Texas School Shooting, GA Rejects Trump's Revenge, Bad SCOTUS, Primary Results, guest Em Carpenter
Show Details47min 58s
Good Talks: Nick Saban v Jimbo Fisher, NILs, Money in College Football, & Power of Modern Players w/ Ben Sears
Show Details23min 49s
Not Listening to Voters, Saban/Fisher Feud, Russian Dissent, Congressional Ethics, guest Ben Sears
Show Details48min 34s
Good Talks: Market Innovations to Environmental Challenges, plus Land & Water Usage Rights w/ Kat Dwyer
Show Details29min 39s
SBC Leadership Abuse Report, Innovation in Conservation, Sir Lanka, Lithium Mining, guest Kat Dwyer
Show Details48min 34s
Twice on Sunday: Interviews From The Week of 16-20 May 2022
Show Details2hr 39min
UK Local Elections, Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer, Northern Ireland, & more w/ Bill Bowkett
Show Details28min 19s
Recapping the NC, PA, OR, & ID Primary Elections & Previewing GA's w/Elections Daily's Joe Szymanski
Show Details17min 52s
Election Doubleheader w/guest Joe Szymanski Reviews Primaries & Bill Bowkett on UK Local Elections
Show Details48min 1s
Good Talks: Grown Folk Talk About Buffalo and Race, Evil, Violence, Community, & Politics w/ Dennis Sanders
Show Details26min 10s
Grown Folk Talk on Buffalo & Race, Trump 2020 2.0, Mariupol Falls, 2000 Mules, guest Dennis Sanders
Show Details48min 28s
Good Talks: Covering Congress, How to Talk About Disabilities, NC Politics, & more w/journalist Eric Garcia
Show Details32min 13s
Keeping Proper Media Perspective, Primary Results, Congress, Autism, Heard/Depp, guest Eric Garcia
Show Details48min 33s
Good Talks: Pennsylvania Primaries, Politics, & What's At The Center Of Our Universe w/Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details27min 21s
How Not To Talk About Workers, PA Primary, Piercing Russia's Info Bubble, guest Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details48min 21s
Good Talks: Discerning Economic Headlines & Numbers, Inflation, the Simpsons & more w/economist Jeremy Horpedahl
Show Details28min
Bearing Witness to Buffalo Terror, Economic News & Numbers, Abortion Poll, guest Dr Jeremy Horpedahl
Show Details48min 26s
Twice on Sunday: Interviews from Week of 9-13 May 2022
Show Details2hr 24min
Baby Formula Shortage, Elon Musk Cultural Avatar, China's Hong Kong Abuses, guest James Czerniawski
Show Details48min 1s
Good Talks: The Love Lives of The US Presidents From The Stodgy to the Scandalous w/ Sarah Stook
Show Details28min 48s
Good Talks: Elon Musk As Cultural Avatar, Twitter Buyout, Big Tech & more w/James Czerniawski
Show Details26min 56s
Debating US Aid to Ukraine, US Presidents Love Lives, NATO Expansion, Primaries, guest/ Sarah Stook
Show Details48min 10s
Good Talks: Historic Elections in Ireland, The Rise of Sinn Fein, Northern Ireland Mess & more w/ Conor Duffy
Show Details30min 31s
Biden on Inflation, Historic Irish Elections, Sri Lanka Crisis, Primary Results, guest Conor Duffy
Show Details48min 18s
Good Talks: The End of the LSATs? Law School Reforms, Student Loan Debt & Forgiveness, & more w/ attorney Em Carpenter
Show Details27min 23s
Putting WW2 Comps in Context, LSATs, Student Loan Debt, Boeing Just Left Chicago, guest Em Carpenter
Show Details48min 20s
Good Talks: Economy, Inflation, GDP Numbers, & Buzzwords/Rhetoric of Politicians w/economist Jericho Hill
Show Details27min 17s
Inflation/The Economy, Cultural Debate Over Abortion, Taliban Covers Up Afghanistan, w/ Jericho Hill
Show Details48min 28s
Twice On Sunday: 5 Interviews Turning Down The Noise Of The News Cycle
Show Details48min 1s
Good Talks: Healthcare in America for Good, Bad, and Ugly, Policy Debates, & Looming Problems w/ Elise Amez-Droz
Show Details28min 58s
Biden Admin's Post-Roe Plan, Healthcare, Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Mess, Culture guest Elise Amez-Droz
Show Details48min 31s
Good Talks: Ohio Primary Recap, Preview Rest of May Elections, and 2020 Midterm Overview w/ Joe Szymanski
Show Details34min 17s
Ohio & Other May Primaries, Parliament Porn, The Pope Serves Patriarch Kirill, guest Joe Szymanski
Show Details48min 30s
Good Talks: Legal Explainer, Abortion Case Law Background, & What Comes Next After "Alito Draft" w/ Burt Likko
Show Details25min 37s
Ohio Does Some Voting, Lawsplanning the "Alito Draft", Larry Hogan, codifying Roe, guest Burt Likko
Show Details48min 23s
Good Talks: Georgia Politics; 2020 hangover to 22 Primary/Midterm, Education, Buckhead, & more w/ Jason Downey
Show Details31min 11s
SCOTUS Abortion Decision Draft, Remembering A Hero in Tragedy, Georgia Politics w/guest Jason Downey
Show Details48min 34s
Good Talks: Conservation, Environmentalism, Gov't Policy, Land Use, 30 by 30, & More w/ Gabriella Hoffman
Show Details30min 21s
Retconning Trump's Tweets, Russia's Tank Fail, OSHA on Amazon, Conservation, guest Gabriella Hoffman
Show Details48min 14s
Twice On Sunday: Guest Sarah Rumpf, RJ Lehman, Agustin Forzani, David McGarry, Gabriel Salazar Sing
Show Details48min 4s
Good Talks: Disney v Florida, Legal v Rhetoric, and What Happens Next w/DeSantis, Taxes, & more w/ Sarah Rumpf
Show Details38min 58s
Legal Issues of Disney v Florida, Killing Conspiracy Theory, Lying About Twitter, guest Sarah Rumpf
Show Details48min 21s
Good Talks: Elon Musk's Take Over of Twitter, Corporate Governance, Activist Pension Funds, & More w/ RJ Lehmann
Show Details25min
Business Side of Musk/Twitter Saga, Russia Turns Off the Gas, Algorithmic Justice, guest RJ Lehmann
Show Details48min 26s
Good Talks: Argentine Politics, Gov't Interventions in Wheat Market, & Future of Argentina w/ Agustin Forzani
Show Details27min 23s
2024 Indy POTUS Candidate Poll, Biden Pardons, Argentina & Global Food Crisis, guest Agustin Forzani
Show Details48min 19s
Good Talks: ICE/DHS Abusing Their Powers & Gov't/LE Using 3rd Party Data Collection w/ David McGarry
Show Details17min 44s
Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Hilarity/Panic Ensues; China; Joe Manchin; Gov't/LE Spying w/David McGarry
Show Details48min 20s
Good Talks: Mexico At A Crossroads, AMLO, Elections, Institutions, Press & more w/ Gabriel Salazar Sing
Show Details30min 44s
Macron Beats Le Pen, CoS Klain Goes Hmmm, AMLO & Mexico at a Crossroads, guest Gabriel Salazar Sing
Show Details48min 10s
Good Talks: What Florida Parental Rights/"Don't Say Gay" Bill Does/Doesn't Do, Disney Backlash, & more w/ Benjamin Ayanian
Show Details30min 8s
Turning Down the Noise on DeSantis v Disney, China Debt Imperialism, "We Build The Wall" Fraud Plea
Show Details48min 28s
Florida Law and Disney, LE Accountability, IMF Crisis Warning, Piers Morgan, guest Benjamin Ayanian
Show Details48min 12s
Good Talks: The Missing White Non-College Educated Males From Workforce, Welfare Reform, & more w/ Brent Orrell
Show Details35min 23s
White, Non-College Educated Men Missing From Workforce, Term Limits, MAGA Caucus, guest Brent Orrell
Show Details48min 22s
Good Talks: Pakistan Ousts Khan, Relations w/China, Russia, India, & US w/ Cassandra Shand
Show Details16min 45s
Real Story Behind Alex Jones/InfoWars Bankruptcy, Pakistan, Fortnite Charity, Guest Cassandra Shand
Show Details48min 17s
Good Talks: India in the Middle Of Geopolitics: Relations w/China, Russia, Pakistan, & US w/ Georgia Gilholy
Show Details24min 56s
2024 Dem Presidential "Contenders", Greg Abbott, Russia, India in the Middle, guest Georgia Gilholy
Show Details48min 1s
Twice On Sunday: 5 Interviews From Heard Tell That Turn Down the News Cycle Noise on Current Events
Show Details48min 25s
Biden Approval Poll, Elon Musk v Twitter, Le Pen is Le Mad, Science & Tech w/guest Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details48min 22s
Good Talks: North Carolina GOP Senate Race, Trump Effect, Madison Cawthorn, Mark Meadows, w/ Brooke Medina
Show Details25min 1s
Elected Officials Behaving Badly, Secret Service Fooled, NC Polling/Politics, guest Brooke Medina
Show Details47min 46s
Good Talks: Writer Avi Woolf Talks The History of the GOP Since 1920, Trump's Effect, & What Has/Hasn't Changed
Show Details27min 50s
Social Media Responsibility, Boris Johnson Fined, Biden Says "G" word, History of GOP w/ Avi Woolf
Show Details48min 10s
Historian Eric Medlin on applying history to current events, public intellectual pursuits, & more
Show Details27min 51s
NATO Set to Expand, Eric Geitens Is Unfit for Office, Quotable Zelensky, guest historian Eric Medlin
Show Details48min 2s
Good Talks: Law Professor Jane Bambauer explains Fourth Amendment Rights, Geofencing, LE Data Collection & More
Show Details31min 18s
January 6th Committee Rumblings, French Election, Fourth Amendment & Geofencing, guest Jane Bambauer
Show Details48min 1s
Twice on Sunday: Reviewing the week that was in Heard Tell interviews for 04-08 April
Show Details48min 17s
Good Talks: Author Stephen Kent On Star Wars Cultural Impact, Philosophy, Politics, & Disney Controversy
Show Details27min 52s
Trump Comments on January 6th, Justice Jackson, Truth Social, Star Wars, Disney, guest Stephen Kent
Show Details48min 5s
Good Talks: How Natural Gas Fuels Putin's Russia, Gazprom, & America's Own Gas Challenges w/ Lindsay Keiser
Show Details27min 38s
Russian Sanctions, Ohio GOP Senate Primary Hot Mess, Hyperpolygot, Pakistan, Guest Lindsay Keiser
Show Details47min 47s
West Virginia's CPS/Opioid Crisis, CRT, CROWN Act, Race, & Diversity w/ WV Delegate Danielle Walker
Show Details48min 2s
Good Talks: The History, Stories, and Surprises of the First Ladies of the United States with Sarah Stook
Show Details27min 47s
Biden On Putin's War Crimes, Jackson Has Votes, Orban, History of First Ladies, guest Sarah Stook
Show Details48min 17s
Good Talks: Regulating the Internet, Why US Out Innovates EU/UK Online, Anti-trust, & Overreach w/ Kir Nuthi
Show Details29min 42s
Putin's War Crimes & Horror in Bucha, Disney Boycotts Calls, Internet Regulation, guest Kir Nuthi
Show Details48min 20s
Good Talks: Reconsidering Nuclear Power, Tech Advancements & Answering Concerns, Energy Policy w/ Roy Mathews
Show Details27min 3s
Dropping College Enrollments, Laminar Flow Theory of "viral" News, Nuclear Power, guest Roy Mathews
Show Details48min 4s
Good Talks: Who Is To Blame For Inflation, What Policies Caused it, And What We Can Do About It w/ Jack Salmon
Show Details26min 50s
Congress Needs A Culling, Putin, Inflation, Guyger Appeal, a Flamingo in Texas, guest Jack Salmon
Show Details48min 14s
Good Talks: President Biden's Performance & Polling, Energy & Economic Issues, and more W/ Corey Walker
Show Details28min 18s
Ukraine & Food Shortages, Debating Biden's "Miscues", Furries v Nebraska Senate, guest Corey Walker
Show Details48min 18s
Good Talks: Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock, What's Next for the Academy Awards, & Oscars Coverage w/ Luis Mendez
Show Details30min 12s
The Will Smith/Chris Rock Fallout, Russian Protesters, Inane Hearings, Mo Brooks, Guest Luis Mendez
Show Details48min 5s
Good Talks: Free Speech, Legal vs Cultural Definition, Conflicting Rights, & Big Tech Ain't Gov't w/ Burt Likko
Show Details35min 31s
President Biden in Poland, Trump in Georgia, & Grown Folk Free Speech Discussion w/guest Burt Likko
Show Details48min 16s
Twice On Sunday: Reviewing the Week of 21-25 March, 2022
Show Details48min 24s
Good Talks: Fixing Poverty, Generating Wealth, Free Markets v Dictatorships, China, Immigration w/ Xin Yuan Quek
Show Details25min 34s
No Mo Trump for Brooks, Lavrov's Daughter's IG, Economics, China, Anne Frank, guest Xin Yuan Quek
Show Details48min 1s
Good Talks: Ketanji Jackson Brown Hearings, LSAT Silliness, Reading Court Opinions For Yourself w/ Em Carpenter
Show Details30min 49s
Spencer Cox's Transgender Athlete Veto, Jackson Hearings, Meadows, Uncrustables, guest Em Carpenter
Show Details48min 4s
Good Talks: Education, Economics of Learning, Glenn Younkin, & Cost That Are More Than Fiscal w/ Lillian Tara
Show Details24min 22s
Senate Dais Diatribe For Dollars; Putin, Explained; Adoption; Education & Economics w/ Lillian Tara
Show Details48min 10s
Good Talks: Energy Policy, Environmental Issues, Carbon, and Redefining/Reclaiming Terms w/guest Kelsey Grant
Show Details25min 39s
March Madness & Judge Jackson Hearings, Russia, Mental Health, Energy/Climate Policy w/ Kelsey Grant
Show Details47min 56s
Good Talks: Iowa Caucuses Past, Present, & Future; Chuck Grassley; & Iowa Politics w/ John Deeth
Show Details27min 10s
Witnessing Putin's War Crimes, Jackson Hearings, Iowa Caucuses, Australia's Floods, Guest John Deeth
Show Details48min 15s
Twice On Sunday: 5 Interviews From The Week of 14-18 March, 2022
Show Details48min 2s
Good Talks: Sex Workers, Human Trafficking, Rights, Law Enforcement, & Human Cost of Policy w/ Regan Ferrell
Show Details11min 12s
Putin's "Purify" Evil, Grown Folk Talk About Sex Work & Trafficking, VP Harris, guest Regan Ferrell
Show Details48min
Good Talks: Gas Prices, Inflation, Economic Implications of War In Ukraine w/ Economist Jericho Hill
Show Details30min 8s
Zelensky & No Fly Zone, Gas Prices & Inflation, Black Voters Staying w/Democrats, guest Jericho Hill
Show Details48min 10s
Good Talks: UK Reckons w/Russian Money & Political Influence, PM Johnson, & America's Role w/ Alys Watson Brown
Show Details29min 55s
Russian Oligarch Money in the UK, Biden 2024, Gov't Accountability in LA, guest Alys Watson Brown
Show Details48min 15s
Good Talks: Union Labor, Worker's Rights, Gig Economy, & the Fall of Sears and Kmart w/ Dennis Sanders
Show Details27min 16s
Ukrainian Refugees, Election Workers Under Siege, Jeff Zucker, Union Labor, w/guest Dennis Sanders
Show Details48min 14s
Good Talks: Calvinball COVID Policy, Recalling NYC Shutdown, plus Importance of Arts & Culture w/ Grace Bydalek
Show Details30min 48s
Russia & China Cozy Up, Biden's Economic Messaging, Calvinball, The Arts, guest Grace Bydalek
Show Details48min 1s
Twice on Sunday: Five interviews from the week that was 7-11 March, 2022 on Heard Tell
Show Details48min 32s
Good Talks: Self-preferencing, Anti-Trust, Competition Regulation, & the Federal Trade Commission w/ Andy Jung
Show Details27min 22s
Gas Prices and Electric Vehicle Push, Earmarks Are Back, FTC Empowered/Expanded, w/guest Andy Jung
Show Details48min 6s
Good Talks: The Education of US Presidents From Ivy League to Self-Taught to College Dropouts w/ Sarah Stook
Show Details26min 34s
Russia's New Iron Curtain, Medical Costs, SCOTUS, Education of US Presidents w/ guest Sarah Stook
Show Details48min 19s
Good Talks: How Science Should Work, Asteroids, Space, COVID, & Interview With a Vampire w/ Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details28min 40s
Another Omnibus Bill, China Hacking States, Russian Oil, Science & Space w/guest Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details48min 18s
Good Talks: Biden's "Fund the Police", Criminal & Social Justice, Policing Policy & Funding w/ Joshua Crawford
Show Details28min 54s
Culture Wars v Real War, Beware Russian Offers, Hispanic Voters, "Fund the Police" w/Joshua Crawford
Show Details48min
Good Talks: Domestic Implications of Ukraine, News Media, SOTU, Perspectives on Politics & Culture w/ Tod Kelly
Show Details27min 58s
The Ukraine Crisis Brings Clarity, Truth Social's Failure To Launch, Culture & Politics w/ Tod Kelly
Show Details48min 1s
Good Talks: CPAC Revisited, The Right Reacts to Ukraine, Trump, & Marjorie Taylor Greene w/ Andrew Egger
Show Details30min 55s
Putin's Intentions In Ukraine, CPAC Revisited, Trump, MTG, Keyboard Warriors, guest Andrew Egger
Show Details48min 7s
Good Talks: An In-Europe POV on Russia, Ukrainian Refugees, & Tech Ascending w/ Yael Ossowski
Show Details31min 12s
Heard Tell 03MAR22: Appreciating Tech, EU POV on Ukraine, Ketanji Brown Jackson, guest Yael Ossoski
Show Details48min 9s
Good Talks: The Cyber War in Ukraine, Russia's Failures, Concerns for Cyber Attacks & more w/guest John McCumber
Show Details27min 7s
State of the Union, Burn Pits, Texas Votes, & The Cyber War That Wasn't w/guest John McCumber
Show Details47min 59s
Good Talks: North Carolina US Senate GOP Primary Debate Recap, Candidate Reviews, & more w/ Brooke Medina
Show Details27min 25s
Heard Tell 01MAR22: Putin's War Crimes, Charities, NC GOP US Senate Debate w/ guest Brooke Medina
Show Details48min 18s
Good Talks: Ohio US Senate GOP Primary, Candidates, Clownshows, and Electoral Limits of Trump w/ Brady Leonard
Show Details23min 17s
Heard Tell 28FEB22: Putin & Ukraine, SOTU preview, Ohio US Senate GOP primary w/guest Brady Leonard
Show Details48min 15s
Good Talks: What We Got Right/Got Wrong In Run Up To Russia Invading Ukraine, Power Dynamics, & more w/ Cassandra Shand
Show Details26min 35s
Heard Tell 25FEB22: Discerning Ukraine News, Leadership, Social Media, Putin, guest Cassandra Shand
Show Details47min 47s
Good Talks: Changing Latino Demographics, Politics, & Culture, Inside Covering Congress w/ Eric Garcia
Show Details28min 53s
Heard Tell 24FEB22: Rick Scott's Manifesto, Latino Demographics, Inside Congress, guest Eric Garcia
Show Details48min
Good Talks: A Global Perspective on Russia, Putin, the Ukraine Crisis, & Media Coverage w/ Pavel Pfitzner
Show Details22min 36s
Heard Tell 23FEB22: America's Ukraine Response, Cameras in Classrooms, Arbery, guest Pavel Pfitzner
Show Details48min 14s
Good Talks: Education, School Choice, Means Tested Education Savings Accounts & More w/ Kenneth Schrupp
Show Details22min 51s
Heard Tell 22FEB22: Russia/Ukraine News & Putin; Truth Social; Education w/guest Kenneth Schrupp
Show Details48min 19s
Good Talks: Regulating/Legislating The Gig Economy, NLRB, David Weil, Unions & More w/ Gabriella Hoffman
Show Details30min 1s
Heard Tell 21FEB22: School Board Reckonings, Labor Issues, Global Tech Boom, guest Gabriella Hoffman
Show Details48min 22s
Good Talks: GOP Senators Beclown Themselves At Judiciary Hearing, Innocence Project, & Justice w/ Zeke Webster
Show Details48min 8s
Heard Tell 18FEB22: Clownshow Judicial Hearing, Essential/Non-essential, Arbery, guest Zeke Webster
Show Details48min 8s
Good Talks: Revisiting the Coverage of "Biden Crack Pipes", Admin Reax, & Social Media Mess w/ Andrew Egger
Show Details27min 13s
Heard Tell 17FEB22: DNA Databases, PJ O'Rourke, Revisiting "Biden Crack Pipes" w/guest Andrew Egger
Show Details48min 5s
Good Talks: Canadian Trucker Protests, Politics, Trudeau, Media Coverage & more w/actual Canadian David Clement
Show Details25min 27s
Heard Tell 16FEB22: Canadian Politics & Protests, Cameras in Classrooms & more w/guest David Clement
Show Details48min 13s
Good Talks: Environmental Innovation, Gov't vs Market Solutions, Energy Costs, GHG Emissions w/ Jakob Puckett
Show Details19min 36s
Heard Tell 15FEB22: Super Bowl Halftime, Defining freedom, Biden, Environment, guest Jakob Puckett
Show Details48min 19s
Good Talks: Inflation, Employment, Economic Headlines, & Affordable Housing w/ Economist Jericho Hill
Show Details26min 19s
Heard Tell 14Feb22: Generic Polling, Afghanistan, Hugs, Economic News & Numbers w/Guest Jericho Hill
Show Details47min 52s
Good Talks: NFL, Race, Gambling, Brian Flores, and The Cultural Microcosm Football Is w/ Josh Buckhalter
Show Details25min 31s
Heard Tell 11FEB22: Mask Mandates, Crack Pipes, NFL's Race & Gambling Issues, guest Josh Buckhalter
Show Details48min 24s
Good Talks: Behind the Scenes Of Congress, Congressional Staffers Issues, & Equality in the Capitol w/ Jim Swift
Show Details25min 22s
Heard Tell for 10Feb22: Performative Patriotism, Congressional Staffers, Thiel, guest Jim Swift
Show Details48min 12s
Good Talks: The Amir Locke Shooting, Policing, No-Knock Warrants, & Why Minneapolis, Again w/ Dennis Sanders
Show Details25min 23s
Heard Tell for 09FEB22: Canadian Truckers Protests, AstraZeneca, Amir Locke, w/ guest Dennis Sanders
Show Details48min 21s
Good Talks: Turning Down the Noise on How/Why Libraries Became Culture War Battlefields w/ Garion Frankel
Show Details20min 51s
Good Talks: Turning Down the Noise on Ilya Shapiro's Comments & Georgetown Law's Reax w/ Travis Nix
Show Details12min 50s
Heard Tell 08FFEB22: China, Shapiro v Georgetown, Library Wars, guests Travis Nix & Garion Frankel
Show Details48min 19s
Good Talks: How VA Bureaucracy Hindered Vet Benefits While COVID Relief Flowed w/ Ashley Merryman
Show Details27min 19s
Heard Tell 07FEB22: Pence v Trump, Amir Locke, Veterans Affairs Failing Vets w/guest Ashley Merryman
Show Details48min 16s
Heard Tell Podcast Ep33: Turning Down the Noise on Mental Health with Dr. Kathryn Gordon
Show Details47min 52s
Good Talks: Turning Down the Noise on Changing Latino Voting Demographics w/ Mark Yzaguirre
Show Details25min 22s
Heard Tell 4FEB22: Cancer Cabinet, NRA, Hackers, Changing Latino Politics w/guest Mark Yzaguirre
Show Details48min 21s
Good Talks: West Virginia Headlines, Perspective on Manchin, Media Changes w/guest Dale Cooper
Show Details24min 6s
Heard Tell 3FEB22: PPP Waste, VA Failure, WV Headlines, Perspectives, & Media w/guest Dale Cooper
Show Details48min 19s
Good Talks: Turning Down The Noise on The Metaverse, Big Tech's Big Money VR Push, & more w/ Eric Cunningham
Show Details25min 31s
Heard Tell 2FEB22: Biden Admin Backbiting, Pets Over People, the Metaverse, guest Eric Cunningham
Show Details48min 16s
Good Talks: Turning Down The Noise on Russia, Ukraine, Origins of the Conflict, & What's Next w/ Cassandra Shand
Show Details22min 23s
Good Talks: Historical Perspective on the Past & Future of Third Parties w/historian Eric Medlin
Show Details16min 50s
Heard Tell 01Feb22: Mental Health, Third Party, Russia/Ukraine, guests Eric Medlin & Cassandra Shand
Show Details48min 14s
Good Talks: Consumer Choice & Bad Legislation Of It w/ Brooke Medina
Show Details21min 8s
Heard Tell 31Jan22: Collapsed Bridge, SCOTUS Pick, China, a Bad Consumer Bill, guest Brooke Molina
Show Details48min 10s
Good Talks: Child Tax Credit, Build Back Better, and Legislative policy w/Toph Cottle
Show Details19min 9s
Good Talks: Journalist John W. Miller on His Documentary Moundsville, Appalachia, & Changing Small Towns
Show Details20min 39s
Good Talks: Elections, Voting, & Politics as 2021 Becomes 2022 w/ Genya Coutler
Show Details23min 50s
Good Talks: True Crime Fandom's Golden Age w/Attorney Em Carpenter
Show Details18min 26s
Good Talks: Turning Down the Noise on Tax Policy, Regulation, Inflation, and BBB Implications w/Travis Nix
Show Details23min 35s
Heard Tell 28Jan22: Transplant patients & COVID Vaccines, Natural Gas, Tax Policy w/guest Travis Nix
Show Details48min 14s
Good Talks: Turning Down the Noise on Bitcoin, NFTs, Bitcoin Mining w/guest Eric Peterson
Show Details25min 19s
Good Talks: Insider Trading and Corruption in Congress w/Addison Hosner
Show Details25min 13s
Heard Tell 27Jan22: Breyer Retirement, Bitcoin & NFTs, Truck Driver Regulation, guest Eric Peterson
Show Details48min 26s
Good Talks: Turning Down The Noise on Natural Immunity, COVID-19, and Science w/ Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details25min 28s
Heard Tell 26JAN22: Big Tech Monetizes Prayers, Natural Immunity w/guest Dr Michael Siegel
Show Details48min
Good Talks: The History Of & Perspective On Presidential Approval Ratings w/ Sarah Stook
Show Details30min 50s
Heard Tell for 25JAN22: Stages of Political Grief, Sarah Stook on Presidential Approval Ratings
Show Details48min 3s
Good Talks: COVID On Campus, College/University During Pandemic & More w/ Sarah Montalbano
Show Details20min 22s
Heard Tell 24JAN22: Russia/Ukraine, Social Media, COVID on campus w/guest Sarah Montalbano
Show Details48min 9s
Good Talks: Caleb Franz on Libertarians, Community, History, and Young Voices
Show Details21min 13s
Good Talks: Joe Szymanski on Redistricting, Gerrymandering, & Elections
Show Details24min 9s
Good Talks: Portia Berry-Kilby on UK Politics, Boris Johnson Party Scandal, & Plan B COVID Restrictions
Show Details21min 17s
Good Talks: Economist Jericho Hill Turning Down The Noise On Economic Headlines & Perceptions
Show Details26min 48s
Good Talks: Scientist Dr. Michael Siegel on Space, Science, Tech, and the Hungry Hungry Hippos Theory of Life
Show Details25min 2s
Heard Tell 21JAN22: Biden Presser Reaction, guest Dr. Michael Siegel's Hungry Hungry Hippos Theory
Show Details48min
Heard Tell 20JAN22: Biden "reset", SCOTUS, Little Caesars, guest Portia Berry-Kilby on UK politics
Show Details48min 1s
Heard Tell for 19Jan22: Biden's COVID Woes, RIP Gen Charles McGee, guest Caleb Franz of Young Voices
Show Details48min 17s
Heard Tell for 18Jan22: Terrorism in Texas, Caring About The Uyghurs, & Guest Economist Jericho Hill
Show Details48min 24s
Heard Tell for 17Jan22: Diversity on MLK Day, Novak Djokovic, Redistricting w/Joe Szymanski
Show Details48min 22s
Heard Tell for 14Jan22: Voting Rights, Salad Dressing, & Zeke Webster on mandatory sentencing
Show Details47min 25s
Heard Tell for 13Jan22: Insider Trading and Corruption in Congress w/Addison Hosner, China, & more
Show Details48min 17s
Heard Tell for 12Jan22: Poll Number Suprises on Top Issues, Midterms, Em Carpenter on True Crime
Show Details48min 1s
Heard Tell for 11Jan22: Inhumane Over COVID, Politics, Cooper Conway on Education & Elon Musk
Show Details48min 6s
Heard Tell for 10Jan: Long Covid, Long Haulers, and Covering COVID w/journalist Morgan Stephens
Show Details50min 5s
Heard Tell for 6Jan22: Turning Down The Noise on January 6th, plus Alexander Salter on the economy
Show Details49min 17s
Heard Tell for 5Jan22: IOC/FIFA corruption, Elizabeth Holmes, guest Em Carpenter on bad legal takes
Show Details48min 51s
Heard Tell for 4Jan22: Media Manipulation, Vaccine Lotteries & John W Miller on Moundsville Doc
Show Details48min 4s
Heard Tell for 3Jan22: A 2022 Challenge, Trucker Commutation, Elections Expert Genya Coulter
Show Details47min 32s
Heard Tell for 31Dec21: Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict & Guest Tod Kelly Reviews 2021
Show Details47min 55s
Heard Tell for 30Dec21: Reviewing Heard Tell in 2021 w/Four Standout Discussions
Show Details48min 37s
Heard Tell for 29Dec21: COVID-19 guidance changes, again, Foreign Policy, Josh Buckhalter on 2021 in Sports
Show Details47min 2s
Heard Tell for 28Dec21: China COVID propaganda, online debate, Michael Siegel reviews 2021 in space
Show Details48min
Heard Tell for Monday 27Dec21: Free speech, Sarah Stook on 20 world changing American quotes
Show Details47min 41s
Heard Tell For 24 Dec 2021: Omicron, Political Ads, & Bryan O'Nolan joins us to talk Christmas music
Show Details48min 21s
Heard Tell Radio for Thursday 23Dec21: Big Tech, News Media motivations, Sam Lewis on China
Show Details48min 16s
Heard Tell Radio for Wednesday 22Dec21: The re-education of Peng Shuai, Toph Cottle on BBB, omicron
Show Details47min 43s
Heard Tell Radio for Tuesday 21Dec21: Manchin, BBB, Biden Agenda, Zeke Webster on CO truck driver conviction, more
Show Details47min 56s
Heard Tell Radio for Monday 20Dec21: How News Media Covers Trump, Em Carpenter, omicron, & more
Show Details48min 1s
Heard Tell Podcast: How News Media Defines & Operationalized CRT w/ Sofia Sedergren-Booker
Show Details50min 20s
Heard Tell Radio for Friday 17Dec21: McCullough on Rogan, CRT, & Adam Bass on Massachusetts politics
Show Details47min 2s
Heard Tell Radio for Thursday, December 16th 2021
Show Details46min 46s
Heard Tell Radio for Wednesday, December 15th, 2021
Show Details47min 43s
Heard Tell Radio for Tuesday, December 14th 2021
Show Details47min 55s
Heard Tell Radio for Monday, December 13th, 2021
Show Details47min 33s
Identity and How It Affects Our Culture & Politics...and Vice Versa w/ Dennis Sanders
Show Details1hr 4min
Heard Tell Radio for Friday, December 10th, 2021
Show Details48min 12s
Heard Tell Radio for Thursday, December 9th, 2021
Show Details48min 29s
Heard Tell Radio for Wednesday, December 8th, 2021
Show Details47min 57s
Heard Tell Radio for Tuesday, December 7th, 2021
Show Details47min 47s
Heard Tell Radio for Monday, December 6th, 2021
Show Details47min 9s
Turning Down the Noise On Economics In The News Cycle w/ Abby Hall Blanco
Show Details1hr 1min
A Broader Perspective on Culture & Politics with Conor Duffy
Show Details50min 28s
HIV/AIDS Comparisons to Covid-19, The Dennis Prager Comments, & Surviving with Hope w/David Hubbell
Show Details55min 38s
Turning Down The Noise On The Virginia Elections with Joe Szymanski
Show Details52min 30s
Social Media, Access Journalism, and Culture & Politics in Sports
Show Details52min 31s
Redistricting, Running for Office, & Working Across Party/Ideology Lines w/ WV Delegate Kayla Young
Show Details47min 28s
German Election, Angela Merkel's Background & Legacy, & What's Next w/ Alexander Bowen
Show Details55min 43s
Gabby Petito, Journalism, & How News Media Coverage Works w/ Journalist Molly McCluskey
Show Details1hr 7min
Canadian Elections w/ Actual Canadian David Clement
Show Details41min 40s
Changing the Autism Conversation in Culture & Politics with Eric Garcia
Show Details43min 22s
Australia's Covid-19 Lockdowns & Suspect Leadership w/ Emilie Dye
Show Details39min 49s
Politics Is Faker Than Wrestling But Inflation Is Real w/Economist Jericho Hill
Show Details46min 23s
The Opioid Epidemic: What We Should, and Can, Do About It w/ Dr Keith Humphreys
Show Details49min 15s
Texas Special Election, Trump's Endorsements, & 2022 Midterms w/ Eric Cunningham
Show Details38min 22s
Pegasus Spyware Scandal CYA, NSO Group, & China's Data Crackdown w/ John McCumber
Show Details40min 26s
Consumer Choice, Biden's EOs, & Practical Policy vs Regulation w/ Yael Ossowski
Show Details51min 3s
Big Problems in Big Tech & Government w/ James Czerniawki
Show Details43min 51s
Cuba, Russia, and American Foreign Policy w/ Nicholas Grossman
Show Details47min 35s
What's a Heard Tell and Who Is Andrew Donaldson w/ Andrew Donaldson
Show Details20min 18s
Lawsplaining the Supreme Court on Voting Rights, Bill Cosby, & #freeBritney w/ Em Carpenter
Show Details46min 14s
American Culture & Politics from a UK POV w/ Ben Harris
Show Details39min 27s
To Believe or Not Believe the Science w/Scientist Michael Siegel
Show Details43min 28s
George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, & Minneapolis IRL w/ Dennis Sanders
Show Details41min
Portland IRL w/Burt Likko & Tod Kelly
Show Details42min 48s
Good For Your Mental Health w/Dr. Kathryn Gordon
Show Details40min 35s
Abuse & Abusers w/Jennifer Greenberg
Show Details43min 51s
Risky (Cyber) Business w/John McCumber
Show Details41min 49s
Glazed HIPAA & Bad Legal Takes w/Em Carpenter
Show Details40min 54s
Elections IRL with Genya Coulter
Show Details41min 4s