The SportsEthos Toronto Raptors Podcast

Join the crew in the Six as we talk all things Toronto Raptors - a podcast brought to you by hosts Brendan Hodgins, Kieran Smyth and Ben Harrison. Breaking down the games, bringing you all the highs and lows, weekly previews, game recaps, offseason breakdowns and a chuckle or two in between.

The SportsEthos Toronto Raptors Podcast airs any time news breaks!


Siakam is Back, but the Offense is Not
Show Details23min 31s
Raptors Keep Winning and Barnes Breaks Out
Show Details31min 5s
Front Office Drama and a Trio of Games
Show Details30min 36s
Raptors Get Waxed by the Wizards
Show Details23min 30s
It's the Final Countdown... to the Season
Show Details30min 42s
Basketball is Back!
Show Details20min 42s
Rumors, Rookies and Raptors
Show Details41min 38s
Training Camp Battles and What to Do with Dragic
Show Details36min 17s
The Raptors are Coming Home!
Show Details21min 50s
The Summer League Wrap Up Show
Show Details27min 46s
Dragic Takes Some Heat and Masai Returns!
Show Details26min 16s
Raptors Say Goodbye to a Legend
Show Details40min 58s
The Rumor Mill Keeps Churning
Show Details35min 45s
From Busts to Bosh
Show Details41min 5s
Bring on the Finals
Show Details27min 6s
We the Fourth
Show Details32min 7s
Happy Birthday Ben
Show Details31min 28s
Year in Review, Extended Cut
Show Details1hr 4min
As We Watch the Playoffs
Show Details16min 16s
It All Starts With Masai
Show Details28min 31s
And That's a Wrap!
Show Details43min 31s
'The Shot' Two Year Anniversary Episode
Show Details27min 24s
It’s Development Time!
Show Details33min 38s
It's Over
Show Details38min 26s
It All Comes Down to Washington
Show Details33min 21s
Lebron takes vicious hit to face and Raptors win!
Show Details34min 11s
It's Not Over Til It's Over. But It's Over.
Show Details35min 14s
The Good, The Bad and the Raptors
Show Details42min 49s
A Matinee on Broadway Ends the Raptors Streak
Show Details35min 6s
Raptors Reunite and the Win Streak Continues
Show Details29min 55s
No Tank for You
Show Details40min 45s
A New Look Bench Mob in Toronto
Show Details38min 45s
Flynn-sanity Comes Up Short Against the Hawks
Show Details31min 5s
Les Raptors de Toronto Get a W
Show Details31min 54s
Matadors or Doormats?
Show Details27min 47s
More Back to Back Blues
Show Details35min 4s
Just When You Thought They Were Out
Show Details27min 38s
To Tank or Not To Tank
Show Details48min 26s
The Return of Norm
Show Details34min 32s
Raptors Win, Lowry Stays Home!
Show Details46min 12s
Houston We Had a Problem
Show Details37min 31s
Show Debut! Cavs Loss & Trade Deadline Chatter
Show Details31min 3s
A Fine Welcome to the Show
Show Details6min 16s