I'm just a guy who is trying out a new hobby. I will be podcasting (is that a word?) anything here from personal experiences, entertainment, sports, culture, technology, and life in general. I will be posting one episode a week and honestly, the reason I’m doing this is I just want to try out a new hobby. This podcast might be crap for a lot of people but listen there's a bunch of crap being posted everywhere so I guess this is my own version of it.


EPISODE 24: "A chat with Monique from Mandaluyong"
Show Details1hr 3min
EPISODE 23: "A chat with Chriselle from Rizal"
Show Details51min 57s
EPISODE 21: "A chat with Lyrizza Nix from Butuan"
Show Details1hr 3min
EPISODE 20: "A chat with Iza from California"
Show Details57min 14s
EPISODE 19: "A chat with Aika from QC Manila"
Show Details1hr 43min
EPISODE 18: "A chat with Athina from Blackpool England"
Show Details31min 54s
EPISODE 17: A chat with Nonito Donaire (PART 2)
Show Details9min 50s
EPISODE 17: A chat with Rachel Donaire (PART 1)
Show Details25min 39s
EPISODE 16 : "A Chat with Rhona From Cebu" (BISAYA LANGUAGE)
Show Details1hr 19min
EPISODE 15 : "A chat with Jackie from Cebu" PART 1 (BISAYA LANGUAGE)
Show Details39min 45s
EPISODE 14 : "A chat with Nathan from Butuan" (BISAYA LANGUAGE)
Show Details1hr 55min
EPISODE 13 : "A chat with Janice from Cavite (PART 1)"
Show Details11min 11s
EPISODE 12 : Conversation with Casey from Mississippi
Show Details1hr 13min
EPISODE 11 : Conversation with Sian (Bisaya language)
Show Details30min 40s
EPISODE 10 : 'Conversation with Dillan from Texas'
Show Details37min 31s
EPISODE 9 : "Conversation with Declan from Bristol, England"
Show Details22min 5s
EPISODE 8: Conversation with Stella from Cavite, Philippines
Show Details43min 52s
EPISODE 7 : Conversation with Brian from Oregon
Show Details1hr 26min
EPISODE 6 : Conversation with Tobias from Kentucky
Show Details39min 22s
EPISODE 5 : "Conversation with Ira from Indonesia"
Show Details36min 44s
EPISODE 4 : "Conversation with Brian from Minnesota"
Show Details44min 29s
EPISODE 3 : "Humility"
Show Details12min 35s
EPISODE 2 : "Fried Chicken"
Show Details11min 28s
EPISODE 1 : Pandemic / Ending The Blame Game
Show Details11min 37s
Just wanted to say, "hi" (Intro)
Show Details5min 58s