Season 2 | Episode 6
48m | Apr 26, 2022

A podcast comparing and contrasting three philosophies of how to “be a man” and how those philosophies conceptualize masculinity and gender. 

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De Beauvoir, S. (2010). The second sex. Knopf.

The section on the feminist split of cultural feminists and the integration of queer-theory can be seen in more detail here:

Halley, J. (2002). A Map of Feminist and Queer Theories of Sexuality and Sexual RegulationYouTube. Retrieved April 7, 2022, from

Costa Jr, P. T., Terracciano, A., & McCrae, R. R. (2001). Gender differences in personality traits across cultures: robust and surprising findings. Journal of personality and social psychology

Much of the argumentation regarding a modernist perspective on gender temperament and how it conflicts with post-modernism is inspired by lectures I’ve heard from Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and James Lindsay (all well-known modernists).

Regarding the Jungian theory around the arch of manhood:

Jung, C. G., Von Franz, M. L., Henderson, J. L., Jaffé, A., & Jacobi, J. (1964). Man and his symbols (Vol. 5183). Dell.

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