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QSC PlayOutLoud The Podcast

QSC India presents a series of Podcasts with artists from across India, where we discuss music, the process, and equipment. Lots of learning from bands who have been through it all on their musical journeys!


PlayOutLoud Episode 8 : Two Worlds Collide featuring The Juke Radio
Show Details41min 10s
QSC PlayOutLoud "The Collective" featuring Shubham Roy Collective
Show Details50min 34s
QSC PlayOutLoud "Engineering Sound" featuring Niranjan Shivaram from Audio Academy
Show Details45min 9s
QSC PlayOutLoud New Beginnings
Show Details16min 14s
QSC PlayOutLoud Episode 4 featuring Cinema of Excess : Nothing like Live!
Show Details39min 8s
QSC PlayOutLoud Episode 3 Experience is Everything
Show Details31min 28s
QSC PlayOutLoud Episode 2 featuring Droolfox
Show Details32min 33s
QSC PlayOutLoud Episode 1
Show Details53min 14s