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Stories for Kids by Mohit Mishra

I have been reading many stories to my son for the last many years and eventually, I thought that I should start sharing them now. The stories are mainly meant for the residents of the Indian Sub Continent and Indians around the world. The stories are in Hindi, Urdu, and English and are from around the world.


Complete Panchatantra Part 6: The Crow and The Mouse get a few more friends
Show Details15min 52s
Complete Panchatantra Part 5: Second Tantra Begins--The Crow and the Mouse who were buddies
Show Details31min
Complete Panchatantra Part-4 The End of First Tantra
Show Details29min 31s
Complete Panchatantra - 3 Read by Mohit Mishra
Show Details42min 30s
Complete Panchatantra: Part 2,The Fox and The Drum, Story of Dantil, The Intelligent Crow
Show Details30min 46s
Complete Panchatantra: Part 1, The Beginning, and the Curious Monkey
Show Details23min 6s
Stories From Jatakas 2 : Hindi: Shaktishali Bail, Uttam Gun aur Ghamandi Siyar
Show Details24min 37s
Premchanda's Do Bailon Ki Katha
Show Details34min 15s
Stories from Abroad 1 : Brave Samurai Hido , the Red Dragon
Show Details16min 4s
Stories From Puranans-3 Raja Harishchandra ki kahani
Show Details5min 2s
Ramesh Babu Ka Bhoot-4 & Last: Original Story by Mohit Mishra hindi
Show Details27min 16s
Ramesh Babu Ka Bhoot-3: Original Story by Mohit Mishra hindi
Show Details42min 36s
Ramesh Babu ka Bhoot Episode 2 : Original Story by Mohit Mishra
Show Details30min 50s
Ramesh Babu Ka Bhoot Episode 1: Original Hindi Story by Mohit Mishra
Show Details18min 58s
Stories from Mahabharat-4 Pandavas in Viratnagar & Rishi Durvasa and Pandavas
Show Details12min 18s
Stories from Mahabharat-3 Karna, Draupadi Swayamvar, & Encounter with Yaksha
Show Details19min 38s
Stories from Mahabharat-2 Shibi, Bakasur, Shakuntala & Kunti
Show Details29min 49s
Stories From Puranas-2 Hindi Rajkumar Dhruv & Mohini
Show Details12min 38s
Stories From Jatakas-1 Language Indian English
Show Details34min 32s
Stories From Mahabharat-1 Yayati, Devyani and Kach Rishi
Show Details37min 48s
Stories from Puranas-1: Hindi: Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashyapa
Show Details21min 13s
The Three Crooks-Two Stories From Panchatantra
Show Details8min 14s