Episode 249: Criminal Politicians, "Nazi" Invasions, and Continued Globalist Collapse

Season 2 | Episode 49
59m | Jul 12, 2023

We Cannot Let Criminal Politicians Simply Walk Away - For ages politicians have been allowed by fellow elites, to simply walk away from public life leaving any and all crimes they have committed forgotten as a matter of professional courtesy. We the people of the United States and the world need to put an end to this practice, as they crimes that politicians commit are rarely against each other but almost always against us.

Watchful Coyote and the Nazi Invasion - A fellow on Tiktok who goes by the handle Watchful Coyote posted a video about how he single-handedly repelled an invasion of neo-Nazi (singular) in his little New England town. But something about his story just didn't sound, or look, quite right.

The Continuing Collapse of Disney, Hollywood, and the Globalist Left - Just as Disney's collapse is spearheading Hollywood's, so Hollywood's is the precursor to the collapse of Liberal Globalism.

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