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The Savage Leader Podcast

Learn how to become a better leader from the inside out. This isn't your traditional leadership podcast as I believe that leadership lessons come from conventional sources such as entrepreneurs and successful business executives as well as from unexpected places; Navy SEALs, professional athletes, sports coaches, musicians, entertainers and more. On each episode, I interview leaders from all walks of life so that you walk away with tips to apply to your life and career.

I'm your host Darren Reinke, founder of Group Sixty and author of The Savage Leader: 13 Principles to Become a Better Leader from the Inside Out.


#48: Mitchell Thorp Foundation Co-Founder, Beth Thorp – Transforming Grief Into Purpose
Show Details26min 32s
#47. Black Mamba Foods Founder and CEO, Claudia Castellanos – The Importance of Metrics and Accountability in Social Impact Companies
Show Details36min
#46. Quiverr Founder and President Ryan Mulvany on Turning a Side Hustle into a Scalable Company
Show Details42min 52s
#45. Ziksana Consulting President Akshay Sateesh – The Importance of “Play” in the Workplace
Show Details41min 46s
#44. Author and Entrepreneur Mike Michalowitz – Eradicating Entrepreneurial Poverty
Show Details27min 12s
#43: Premiere Sports Agent and Best Selling Author Leigh Steinberg – Why You Need to Practice Being More Present
Show Details42min 38s
#42. ServiceNow Impact, GM Aaron Fulkerson - The Power of Pathological Optimism and Strong Values
Show Details42min 56s
#41: Former Breg CEO Brad Lee -Why You Should Lean Into Your Fears
Show Details46min 54s
#40: Saint Jane Beauty CEO Casey Georgeson on Creating Powerful Brands and Managing the Perception of CBD
Show Details42min 32s
#39: Oklahoma Thunder TV Play by Play Announcer Chris Fisher – The Importance of Curiosity and Versatility
Show Details48min 52s
#38. Serial Entrepreneur Sanjit Singh – Developing a Startup Mindset
Show Details35min
#37. Billy McKnight, Head Basketball Coach, Prolific Prep - How to Create Team Chemistry with a Team of Top Players
Show Details41min 40s
#36. Rae Tanner, Talent Development Expert – Why You Should Promote Psychological Safety
Show Details42min 25s
#35. Dynam AI CEO Diana Shapiro – Why Your Organization Will Benefit from Adopting AI
Show Details43min 14s
#34. Serial Entrepreneur Brian Reese – Using Vulnerability as Your Greatest Strength
Show Details30min 34s
#33. Former Professional X Games Skier and Speaker, Jamie MoCrazy – Overcoming Adversity and Finding Your Alternative Peak
Show Details51min 14s
#32: Questionologist, Author, and Speaker Warren Berger – Why You Need to Ask More Questions
Show Details35min 52s
#31. Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank’s Chairman of the Board, Steve Bernstein - Addressing Food Insecurity In America
Show Details1hr 2min
#30. Iconic Brand Builder Jenny Ming – Strong Brands Focus on Their People
Show Details50min 6s
#29. Commsafe AI Founder and CEO Ty Smith – Don’t Make Key Decisions Alone
Show Details54min 2s
#28. CTO Ryan Beck – Overcoming Childhood Challenges and Finding Purpose
Show Details43min 5s
#27. San Diego Sport Innovators Executive Director Bob Rief - Helping One Person and One Company Each Day
Show Details1hr 5min
#26. Selling From the Heart Author Larry Levine – How to Sell Authentically through Care and Emotion
Show Details41min 20s
#25. Actor Chase Kim: How to Stay Relevant and the Importance of Persistence
Show Details36min 22s
#24. CEO Steve Gatena – Solving Society’s Biggest Challenges by Growing Faith and Cultivating Community
Show Details48min 28s
#23. Dendreon’s Head of Human Resources Phil Dana: Cultivating Purpose Within Your Team
Show Details37min 26s
#22. CEO of H2 Sports Marketing Heiner Hilbert: Building Professional Athletes Brands Through Human Connection
Show Details41min 52s
#21. FireStory Communication Academy CEO Jason Jordan: Identifying Key Components of Powerful Stories
Show Details42min 12s
#20. Broom Ventures Founder Joe Musselman: Building Mission-Driven Companies and Power of Knowing What You Believe
Show Details48min 44s
#19. Executive Director of UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center Alexa Koenig: Using Social Media to Fight For Human Rights
Show Details40min 6s
#18. Retired Navy Captain Dr. Mark Brouker: Leadership Lessons from 30 years in the Navy
Show Details33min 44s
#17. Courageous CEO Ryan Berman: How to Use Courage as a Competitive Advantage
Show Details37min 12s
#16. Fashionphile CEO Ben Hemminger: Driving Growth through Authentic Relationships
Show Details43min 4s
#15. Award Winning Radio Personality AJ Machado: How to Tell an Engaging Story
Show Details36min 32s
#14. New York Times Best Selling Author Brant Cooper: Navigating Disruption in a Chaotic World
Show Details51min 4s
#13. CEO of Group Y Mark Sperling: Creating and Sustaining Authentic Brands
Show Details42min 4s
#12. “She Started It” Documentary Director Nora Poggi: Creating Equal Opportunity for Female Entrepreneurs
Show Details34min 52s
#11. Unispace Regional Principal Emily Watkins. The Future of Flexible Workplaces
Show Details38min 56s
#10. Global Prep Academy CEO Mariama Shaheed. How Leaders Can Build More Inclusive Organizations and The Importance of Values
Show Details34min 26s
#9. Clever FM CEO, Sean Li: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Disrupting the Podcast Ecosystem
Show Details41min 24s
#8. Analytics Ventures Co-Founder, Navid Alipour: How Artificial Intelligence is Tackling Breast Cancer and How Leaders Should be Thinking about AI
Show Details36min 42s
#7. Stem Audio CEO, Jacob Marash: Building a Startup Culture within a Bigger Company and the Power of Faking It Until You Make It
Show Details35min 42s
#6. Farmers Insurance Open CEO Marty Gorsich: Creating a World-Class Golf and Lifestyle Event, Building a Winning Culture, and Lessons Learned from Working in the Sports Industry
Show Details41min 4s
#5. Oceanhouse Media CEO Michel Kripalani: Finding Dr. Seuss, Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs, and Living a Big Life
Show Details32min 5s
#4. Blenders Eyewear CEO Chase Fisher: The Hustler Mindset and Taking on the Titans of the Sunglasses Industry
Show Details24min 33s
#3. Ad Results Media CMO Kurt Kaufer: Creating a Values-Driven Company
Show Details42min 28s
#2: Warriors Entertainment Teams Director Sabrina Ellison: Handling Pressure and Performing When It Counts
Show Details33min 22s
#1. Tipsy Elves Co-Founder Evan Mendelsohn: Taking the Road Less Travelled
Show Details37min 51s