048: Flyaway Tennessee with Cameron McMahan

Season 1 | Episode 48
1h 43m | Jan 8, 2024

If your skydiving progression has been anything like mine, then you have always been consistently blown away when visiting the larger southern dropzones during your skydiving off season. These dropzones operate like well-oiled machines, and they literally have it all. Multiple aircraft, world class instructors and coaches, daily on-site organizers, gear stores, and events happening around the clock. Not only that, but they had everything for you to be able to live on the dropzone during your stay. Affordable housing space, access to laundry and bathrooms/showers, food options, and so much more.

Now, take that experience, and imagine there was a tunnel exactly like it. If you're having a hard time picturing it, have no fear, because there are two world class tunnel instructors and skydivers who have done all the work for you.

Meet Cameron McMahan and Ray Kubiak, who together have created a vision for the mecca of all wind tunnel facilities. Flyaway Tennessee is a resort-like facility that will meet the needs and demands of skydivers and fliers world-wide. The resort itself will play host to experienced and first time fliers alike, while also creating a space specifically for pro fliers to train and compete by having world class instructors and coaches for all disciplines on hand, membership programs, and access to tunnel time 24/7. It will include a gear store, a fitness center, and food options. Not to mention the not one, but TWO wind tunnels... one for pro fliers, and the other for first timers.

Join me on this episode, as Cameron takes listeners through the thought process behind this endeavor, and explains how every single aspect of the business will work, down to the daily operations of the facility itself. I promise, their vision will not disappoint. Do not miss this episode!

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