045: Leah Levy - Getting Creative with Skydiving

Season 1 | Episode 45
1h 48m | Nov 20, 2023

Pairing creativity and innovation with the world of skydiving can sometimes be a tall order. It's hard to stay on top of creative projects that take ages to complete within the ever changing world of the skydiving community. No one knows this better than Leah Levy.

At 28 years old and just under a decade in the sport, Leah's flying resumes boast some very impressive feats, including Project 19's Women's Headdown World Record, and the most recently 200-way World Record attempts. And while those accomplishments are nothing short of amazing, her true mark on skydiving is made with her incredible artistic talents. From creating her own company "Levity," where she repurposes non-airworthy parachutes into hard goods, to assisting the general skydiving community in designing their rigs, to developing her camera flying skills, and to working with her partner on their collaborative production company "Flying Pig Studios," Leah has her hands in a million ongoing creative projects.

Listen in as Leah tells us how she got started in skydiving, and as she lets us take a peek behind the curtain of her creative process when it comes to skydiving.

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