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Podpastor | Queer Mystical Jesus

A podcast for the hurting ones, the happy ones, the thoughtful ones, the queer ones, the mystical ones — the nameless ones — who yearn for God


At the Precipice
Show Details21min 48s
Making an Ass Out of Empire Since 33 C.E.
Show Details35min 18s
May You Catch the Wind
Show Details39min 2s
If It's A Secret It's Not Worth It
Show Details43min 30s
The Other Half of Reality
Show Details23min 58s
Tony Stark and a Holy Art
Show Details37min 23s
wait. wut?
Show Details21min 26s
A Hill Worth Dying On
Show Details32min 22s
Calls You By Your Name
Show Details22min 41s
I Am With You
Show Details16min 7s