#395: Taking Control Of Your Energy To Align With Wealth, Health + Happiness w. Olivia Marie

47m | Sep 18, 2023

Join Olivia Marie, a multi-talented healer and coach, as she shares her transformative journey towards unlocking emotional freedom and abundance in this thought-provoking episode. Liv combines science and spirituality to illuminate how your relationship with money impacts your life. She navigates the complex web of emotions that often tie us to money, including fear, guilt, shame, and the yearning for validation. But there's a profound truth at the heart of Liv's message: true wealth should flow effortlessly, unburdened by emotional attachments and by doing so, we create space for abundance to enter our lives. 

Whether you're seeking emotional freedom or a more abundant life, this episode is your guide to transforming your connection with money and nurturing a resilient nervous system.


- Exploring the transformative power of emotional detachment from wealth

- Delving into the intricate web of emotions - fear, guilt, shame, and the craving for validation - that often tie us to our financial status.

- Understanding the essence of true wealth and that wealth should flow effortlessly, unburdened by emotional baggage, and challenging conventional beliefs about money.

- How to assess and gauge your emotional attachment to money, a crucial step in the journey towards abundance.

- Discovering how to increase your nervous system's capacity to receive larger amounts of wealth, and why this matters in financial growth.

- Aligning your beliefs about money with your financial actions for greater harmony.

- Building trust in the abundance of wealth and ensuring a positive financial mindset.

- Regulating your nervous system through dietary choices and supplements, aiding overall well-being.

- Guidance on approaching significant financial decisions with confidence and clarity.

- Strategies to prevent burnout while pursuing financial goals and maintaining emotional balance.

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