The Scary Unmasking of a Spice Girl: Mel B’s Ex-husband Tells All — Threesomes, Overdoses, Sex, Lies & Videotapes

50m | Dec 19, 2018

Mel B’S former hubby trashed the Spice Girl’s “Brutally Honest” memoir as full of lies and omissions — including no mention of the young nanny who she conned into getting an intimate tattoo that read 'Property of Melanie and Stephen!' 

Speaking exclusively to "All Rise," Stephen Belafonte — the singer’s 43-year-old ex-husband — pegged manipulative Mel as the driving force behind their kinky sex games during their 10-year marriage that has exploded into one of Hollywood's nastiest divorces ever.

The pervy pop star penned a memoir blasting Stephen as a wife-beater.

But instead, Stephen, who requested the no-holds barred interview with Dylan Howard, claimed:

- He never had a physical altercation with Mel B

- Mel B was once hospitalized after a booze and drugs bender and suffered organ failure

- After being hospitalized again, claiming he'd thrown her head into a door and beat her — the truth was she was suffering from kidney failure because of a drinking problem

- They were forced to get a divorce because Mel B's addictions spiraled out of control

- She fleeced their bank accounts prior to the split

- She orchestrated a "sick plot" to have their house searched by law enforcement

- She cheated on him with a British actor

- When fellow Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, suggested they do a charity show to announce the band was reforming, Mel responded: "F*ck charity, charity doesn't pay the bills."

- Mel B's daughter Phoenix lied when she said he'd beat her mother

- The pop star seduced Lorraine Gilles — the couple’s live-in nanny of eight years — in 2009 when she was just 18

- Mel B told the blond teen she would make her a “superstar” — but instead used her as a sexual plaything

- He never got Lorraine pregnant

- Mel B had an affair with a Beverly Hills Cop whose wife was pregnant at the time

In one of the most candid tell-all interviews ever, Stephen alleged his ex-later bought Lorraine’s silence, adding: “She knew about Mel’s drug use, how bad she was at parenting ... so Melanie paid to keep her quiet.” 

Contacted for comment, Lorraine, now 27, said she had no comment on the blockbuster charges. 

The movie producer also fired off on his bitter divorce, scoffing at Mel’s story that he used their bedroom sex tapes as leverage to settle their split quickly.

Instead, Stephen told Howard he is in possessions of evidence to prove Mel B — whose slogan is “Girl Power” — candidly acknowledging he never touched her.

“Where is that girl power to come in and break up a family?” “She’s a bully,” he added. “Melanie is not a person who gets beat.” 

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