Ben Affleck Enters & Exits Rehab — Can He Be Saved? Plus, the Mistress of Colorado’s Killer Dad Breaks Her Silence

29m | Sep 7, 2018

Saintly Jennifer Garner performed a dramatic at-home exorcism on booze-soaked ex Ben Affleck before carting him off to rehab — but will it save his life? All Rise investigates.

Plus, callous Colorado killer dad Chris Watts liked “animalistic” rough sex and tried to strangle his mistress during sex. That’s the chilling revelation of the accused murderer’s former lover, who has stepped forward with a dramatic revelation that will shake the case.

According to the mistress, the reviled creep — who is charged with murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters — solicited dates on the app Tinder, which he used to hook up with her.

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