‘She Is Grasping at Straws!’ Casey Kasem’s Kids Fire Back at Step-Mom Who Claimed Scientology Is Behind Plot to Steal Late Dj’s $80 Million Fortune

14m | Nov 28, 2018

Jeanne Kasem dropped a bombshell claim on episode four of “All Rise” — that members of the Church of Scientology and her late husband Casey's kids conspired to kill the radio legend for his money!

Now, the DJ’s two daughters, are labelling those accusations as blatant lies designed to take the heat off Jeanne herself.

“She has said that everybody around me … they’re all Scientologists,” Kerri told Dylan Howard in an exclusive interview, just after she squared off with Jeanne in a Los Angeles courtroom. 

"If they were, who cares? None of them are, except me."

While Kerri admitted she is a volunteer minister of the controversial religion, she denied the church was in any way involved in the wrongful death suit she has filed against Jeanne. 

"I have been with them since 2010," she said. "I am proud of who I am. I love helping people.”

Kerri added: “She (Jeanne) is grasping at straws. The only thing she can do is make up stories at this point because we have all the evidence behind us.”

Her sister, Julie, added: “She (Jeanne) is literally throwing whatever she can against the wall and hoping it sticks. She is failing right now … She is going to be held accountable.”

Casey died in June 2014 in Washington state, where Jeanne took him after removing him from a medical facility in Southern California where he was receiving around-the-clock care.

The longtime "American Top 40" host had a form of dementia and severe bedsores when he died.

For the latest on the ugly court battle, listen to this "All Rise" bonus episode.

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