Days From Death: Dog the Bounty Hunter Rescues Tiger Woods’ Mistress From Las Vegas Den Where She Was Trading Sex for Heroin! Plus — Sean Hannity Delivers an Explosive Smackdown on a Top GOP Senator!

39m | Nov 16, 2018

Dog The Bounty Hunter has dramatically rescued Tiger Woods' ex-lover from a Las Vegas sex and drugs den — and the TV hardman is talking only to "All Rise" about the shocking moment former stripper Jamie Jungers, 35, emerged from the vice hole where she traded sex for heroin.

"She was 88 pounds when we got her and the handcuffs wouldn’t even go on her wrists because they were so skinny," Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, told Dylan Howard in a world exclusive interview.

"She was going to die in the next few weeks... These guys were holding her in a house where she was giving sexual favors for drugs."

In a blockbuster political scoop, Sean Hannity has smacked down an influential elected official — who’s devoted nearly an entire chapter in his new book to criticizing the prime-time FOX News megastar. 

In a 20-page rant, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska accused Hannity of using fear over facts to influence his millions of viewers. 

Fuming about Sean’s top-rated TV and radio programs, Sen. Sasse, 46, railed: “It’s not to promote a particular conservative agenda, or to encourage American patriotism, or even to offer coherent arguments against liberalism. His core cause is to rage!”

But speaking exclusively to "All Rise" in a no-holds-barred interview, Hannity slammed Sen. Sasse as a "con man, a liar, a fake and a phony!" It's an interview not to be missed.

Plus — the search for missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs remains ongoing as FBI investigates additional video, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald tells Howard. Do we finally know the motive for her kidnapping? Is she still alive? Howard asks the tough questions of Sheriff Fitzgerald.

And from Hollywood, the latest on the bitter custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and how movie star Meg Ryan has finally found love at last.

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