Raegan Cotton: Facing young adulthood with ADHD [Top 10 Replay with Bonus Update]

Episode 152
1h 4m | Aug 28, 2023

Episode 152 with Raegan Cotton. [Replay]

Welcome back to my special Top 10 Replay series, where I’m re-releasing 10 interviews that really stood out to me and have stayed with me in some particular way — either because of the topic, or the conversation, or the feedback I received from listeners. I’ve chosen 10 episodes that I feel deserve a replay — so hopefully if you missed this one the first time around you’ll get a chance to hear it, or if you listened to it when it originally aired, I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it again. 

This week I’m re-releasing my interview with Raegan Cotton, which originally aired as Episode 21 in December of 2021. 

Raegan had reached out to me because she had been an avid listener of the podcast and while she related to many of the stories of my more seasoned guests, she wanted to share the perspective of a 20-something who had recently graduated college, was facing independence and young adulthood and had recently been diagnosed. 

Plus, a lot of younger listeners reached out at the time to express their appreciation for this episode — and Raegan is so wise and thoughtful and insightful and adults of any age will relate to her story. 

Bonus Update:

Make sure to stick around because the end of the episode, I check back in with Raegan to see what’s changed for her since the original interview, including her advocacy and non-profit work, and what it’s been like going off her parents insurance and navigating the medication shortages in the US.

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