The Spiritual Circle Podcast

The-Circle is focussed on creating a community of people who care for each other. Podcast episodes are recorded to further expand on to the topics we cover in group meetings. These topics are curated to help people looking to understand and improve life, become spiritual, and fulfill their desires. 

Our objectives is to give you insights on various aspects of life and communicate a message from the spiritual realm. We are focused on rebuilding our community by challenging the current practices and redirecting our attention and awareness to the right values that makes a genuinely caring and helpful community where we all are available and invested in each others' lives, happiness and growth.

Please join us in this purpose, subscribe to the podcast, leave positive feedback, share about us with the others, and sign-up on our website at Write to us with your comments, suggestions, questions and/or feedback at

Blessings for your happiness and growth!🙏


019 | From Intentions to Awareness - A Path to Fulfill Your Desires
Show Details32min 22s
018 | Simplified Spirituality - How to Win Your Mind
Show Details20min 22s
017 | Simplified Spirituality - How to Breathe Intentionally
Show Details25min 37s
New Year Wishes for 2022
Show Details1min 57s
016 | Simplified Spirituality - 5 Ways to Get into Spirituality
Show Details15min 6s
015 | Simplified Spirituality - 5 Ways to Raise Your Attention
Show Details16min 46s
014 | Simplified Spirituality - An introduction to Spirituality
Show Details14min 33s
013 | Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness - Part 7 of 7 - Internal Solutions
Show Details25min 12s
012 | Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness - Part 6 of 7 - External Solutions
Show Details26min 52s
011 | Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness - Part 5 of 7 - Our Agreements
Show Details46min 10s
010 | Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness - Part 4 of 7 - Universal Laws
Show Details39min 53s
Trailer and Shout out to you - The Spiritual Circle Podcast
Show Details1min 36s
009 | Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness - Part 3 of 7 - Taking for Granted
Show Details45min 18s
008 | Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness - Part 2 of 7 - Expectations
Show Details39min 45s
007 | Why Our Loved One Cause Unhappiness - Part 1 of 7 - Accumulations
Show Details32min 39s
006 | How To Heal Your Soul - Part 3 of 3
Show Details39min 54s
005 | How To Heal Your Relationships - Part 2 of 3
Show Details18min 2s
004 | How to Heal Your Life - Mental and Physical Healing - Part 1 of 3
Show Details32min 22s
003 | Black Grey White - From Accumulation to Detachment
Show Details1hr 5min
002 | Dealing With What You Can't Forget
Show Details1hr 27min
001 | Divine Connection for Desired Outcome
Show Details29min 24s