• Tanya Oliver

    Tanya Oliver is a seasoned expert with 19 years in the business of self-mastery and emotional intelligence. Tanya emphasizes the importance of staying disciplined and setting new goals, and she points out three transformative steps of self-awareness, self-honesty, and curiosity to push you to achieve those goals. 

    She discusses how she discovered the value of having a trusted coach to fast-track your growth and how taking care of your body leads to a strong mind, enabling peak performance even on challenging days. Tune in for actionable insights on aligning your habits with intrinsic goals and becoming a powerful human being.

    You can find Tanya on

    Instagram: @tanyacoliver

    YouTube: @tanyacoliver

    TikTok: @tanyacoliver_

    Facebook: Tanya C Oliver

    S5E2 - 33m - Jul 16, 2024
  • Anthony Trucks

    Anthony Trucks is a transformative figure who uses his voice to impact lives and generate income. As a formal NFL player, Anthony now owns "Dark Work," a brand focused on optimizing identities for peak performance and teaching individuals how to build successful businesses. He delves into the concept of identity—our natural habits and instincts that shape our lives—and explains how overcoming inner struggles through "dark work" leads to unique personal development. 

    Anthony emphasizes the importance of pushing boundaries, taking ownership of mistakes, and segmenting life changes for manageable growth. His insights on fostering resilience and embracing feedback resonate deeply, highlighting the emotional and psychological foundations of achieving greatness.

    You can find Anthony on:

    Instagram @anthonytrucks

    Youtube @anthonytrucks1

    Facebook @anthonytrucks

    S5E1 - 30m - Jun 28, 2024
  • Dr. Forbes Riley

    In this month’s edition of Shotcallers Magazine we interviewed Forbes Riley about her new course "Product Pitch Perfect".

    S4E10 - 1h 18m - Apr 1, 2023
  • Sophia Manarolis

    **Content Warning: This episode discusses the dark sides of mental health, depression, & suicide.

     Sophia Manarolis is an inspirational figure in the mental health sphere, encouraging us to have crucial conversations about depression. She authored "Depression DOESN'T Discriminate", and founded the I’M ALIVE movement which seeks to spread awareness surrounding emotional wealth. Sharing her personal struggles with major depressive episodes, she passionately works towards destigmatizing mental illness worldwide!

    S4E9 - 32m - Mar 1, 2023
  • Tom Reber

    Discover how to truly embrace your flaws in an exclusive interview with Tom Reber, the HGTV host of "Unfinished Business". Tom, a passionate father committed to making a positive impact on others, reveals his insights on owning your limitations while also coaching elite contractors through his company, Contractor Fight. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn how to turn your weaknesses into strengths!

    S4E8 - 46m - Feb 1, 2023
  • Jessie Lee Ward

    No more "get-rich-quick" schemes. To achieve your goals, you need to put in the hard yards and get gritty - no matter how tough it gets. Sure, things can be challenging at times but if YOU do the work involved then there's nothing stopping you from succeeding!

    Today we have Jessie Lee Ward, a true leader and exemplar of courage. She'll be sharing her journey to success through conquering the toughest challenges out there - no easy feats allowed! Get inspired by this powerhouse's story today as she takes us on an unforgettable ride into what it really means to make things happen.

    S4E8 - 1h 4m - Dec 21, 2022
  • Mike Chabot

    Mike Chabot is on a mission to show successful men the power of appreciating their lives and manifesting abundance. Through his program, Road to Abundance, he helps them align energy with goals so they can take full ownership over every aspect of their world!

    S4E6 - 34m - Dec 1, 2022
  • Sean Michael Crane

    Excuses. They riddle our lives whether we realize it or not. It's time to own up to our mistakes, it's time to take control of our lives. Let all the talk become actions that we can be proud of one day. Our guest, Sean Michael Crane, knows all about taking advantage of our moments and being present for both yourself and those around you.

    Be present and enjoy the now. You deserve and so do your loved ones.

    S4E6 - 32m - Nov 1, 2022
  • Ray Higdon

    This month, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ray Higdon: bestselling author, coach, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Together along with his wife they have created Rankmakers - a powerful event taking aspiring entrepreneurs on an inspiring journey to success! Tune in now to get some invaluable insights from this extraordinary individual.

    S4E4 - 33m - Oct 1, 2022
  • Peter Meyerhoff

    This month, we spoke with Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff. Peter is the founder and host of the podcast “Roll Call with Chappy” and ”The Shot Caller” on VICE TV. He also runs a sober clothing company and shares stories derived from his twelve-year prison sentence at jails and prisons across the United States.

    S4E3 - 30m - Sep 1, 2022
  • Heather Monahan

    This month, we spoke to Heather Monahan about breaking out of toxic work environments. Heather is a TEDx speaker, one of Real Leaders Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World 2022, a podcaster, and author of the bestselling books, “Confidence Creator” and “Overcome Your Villains.”

    S4E2 - 30m - Aug 1, 2022
  • Dan Lok

    This month, we sat down with Dan Lok to learn about how he rose from a challenging start in copy-writing to become a self-made millionaire, business mentor and bestselling author. Dan’s mentees have generated over $34.2 billion in revenue as a direct result of his High-Ticket Closing Certification Program.

    S4E1 - 33m - Jul 1, 2022
  • Brad Lea

    Brad Lea, a visionary entrepreneur with an inspiring story to tell. Since 1999 he has been committed to his mission of helping people through his online training program and sharing this journey on social media by recording each moment along the way - creating content that not only builds brand awareness but also draws clients in. Truly remarkable!

    S3E19 - 34m - Jun 1, 2022
  • Dr. Izdihar Jamil

    In this episode of Shotcaller we are joined by Dr. Izdihar Jamil. Izdihar goes through her experiences with entrepreneurship and how it impacted her career. Listen to gain insight to finding your own inspiration to become a successful entrepreneur!

    S3E18 - 31m - Apr 1, 2022
  • Kelly Roach

    On this episode of Shotcallers we are joined by Kelly Roach, an expert on marketing fundamentals and growing your brand! Kelly talks about how to find your niche and teach you about how she grew her brand!

    S3E17 - 29m - Nov 1, 2021
  • Meredith Allan

    In this episode of Shotcallers we are joined by Meredith Allan! Meredith gives her stories of inspiration growing up to where she is today. Listen to hear her experiences with feminine leadership and how she used that to find her voice!

    S3E14 - 32m - Oct 27, 2021
  • Kim Morrison

    In this episode of Shotcallers we are joined by Kim Morrison! Kim discusses the benefits of aromatherapy and how it could impact your emotional wellbeing! Listen to educate yourself on how you can improve emotionally, spiritually, and in relations.

    S3E15 - 25m - Oct 19, 2021
  • Sarah Louise

    In this episode of Shotcallers we are joined by Sarah Louise! Listen to Sarah discuss how she turned difficulties in her life to promote greater positive energy! Learn the importance of being more positive in your daily life with Sarah Louise.

    S3E14 - 30m - Oct 18, 2021
  • Christa Nichols

    In this episode of Shotcallers we are joined by Christa Nichols! Christa discusses how she went from not knowing what she wanted to do in life to finding her path to success! Listen to Christa talk about how she uses her own experiences becoming successful to teaching others to find their way to a successful career!

    S3E14 - 30m - Oct 15, 2021
  • Elizabeth De Moraes

    In this episode of Shotcallers we are joined by Elizabeth De Morales! Elizabeth discusses the path to become the leader you need to be. Elizabeth touches on the inspirations she has to push her to always get the most out of herself! Listen to learn about how preparation and knowledge is the key to staying present in conversations on a casual level and on a business level!

    S3E12 - 40m - Oct 13, 2021
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