#14 Capsule Wardrobe | With Signe Hansen

Season 1 | Episode 14
1h 2m | Mar 4, 2021

Capsule Wardrobe - how to build a truly sustainable wardrobe? What is a good number of items? Should they only be the basics? You probably had all these (and many more) questions, if you ever tried to build a capsule wardrobe. Luckily I have all the answers for you from no one else but a certified style coach, minimal lifestyle advocate, and the biggest youtube channel about conscious wardrobe owner - Signe Hansen from Use Less. In today's talk, Signe will guides us through how to build a capsule wardrobe, share her tips on how to take care of your clothes and in general, disclose her view towards circular and sustainable fashion. Signe says that your wardrobe can contribute to your overall well-being as well. How? Listen to our talk!

Visit Signe's blog Use Less, Instagram, Youtube to find more information or sign-up to her brand new course for creating your own conscious style!

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