#10 Clothing Subscription | With Hack Your Closet

Season 1 | Episode 10
1h 3m | Dec 17, 2020

"We created a shared closet of handpicked clothing that were formerly abandoned. Now they are well used by many people creating new stories", sais Mikaela Larsell Ayesa, co-founder of Hack Your Closet. It is a monthly subscription, rotation service for second-hand clothes. Each month you receive four items that you can keep for four weeks and then the cycle repeats. Your subscription is carefully curated by personal stylists so that the items you receive would best reflect your style! This way, you maintain diversity in your wardrobe in much more environmentally friendly way than constantly buying new clothes. But that's not only it. Hack Your Closet also creates the community around their service so that people could come together and share great stories about their outfits. Find out more about Hack Your Closet and clothing subscription model in our podcast episode.

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