VCREP #121 | Charting 2024 with Alan Haigh

Episode 121
42m | Jan 10, 2024

Cory and Melissa kick off 2024 with the return of the insightful Alan Haigh from Impact Commercial. With his finger on the pulse of the real estate landscape, Alan is a trusted guide for navigating market dynamics.

In this episode, Alan is joining us to provide a roadmap for the year ahead. Amidst market turbulence involving interest rates and inflation, Alan offers clarity on potential rate trajectories, strategies for seizing opportunities during market volatility, and insights to steer investors in the right direction.

Join us as Alan shares his expertise, charting a course to help navigate the ever-evolving real estate terrain in 2024. Don't miss this episode packed with invaluable insights from one of the industry's trusted voices!

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