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211 MasterMind Ave by 3rdletta

$1 million, $5 million, or $10 million ever wondered what's the biggest heist in the world and how they got away with it or how they got caught? Welcome to a series brought to you by “The 3rdletta Show” entitled “211 MasterMind Ave” an original podcast about the biggest heist in the world. Hosted by 3rdletta this series takes you in the minds, the lives, the moves, the adventures, and the motives of the world’s biggest criminals, who burglarized some of the biggest banks, and people. Listen to 3rdletta as he narrates the podcast with his slick, cinematic, and cool laid back story telling. 

211 MasterMind Ave is a podcast telling the story of the criminals who pulled off the world's biggest heist, and the detectives who solved the case. This podcast does not represent in any form a confession, a testimony, or a guilty verdict. All names are innocent until proven guilty. The 3rdletta Show & Billionaire Think Tank do not promote the life of robbery, furthermore this podcast is for awareness, and education ONLY; not to glorify this life, but to hopefully save another life from this lifestyle.


This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.