Episode 4 with Amy Lee (5/1 Mental Projector)

1h 26m | Dec 2, 2022

Amy’s HD journey: 01:28

Amy on “No Inner Authority”: 08:56

Amy on “Process based Authority”: 10:45

Defined throat MPs & Undefined throat MPs & how their process could be different: 13:12

Amy on “Environmental Authority”: 18:42

Amy on “Outer Authority”: 22:21

Learning to appreciate the defined mind: 25:06

MP empowerment: 29:09

Be your own authority: 33:41

Amy on 2027: 37:37

The 7 year deconditioning cycle: 44:24

It’s about the journey: 52:09

Right mind, right brain: 01:01:53

Indirect light determination: 01:16:11

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