Episode 3 with Jessie Klein (4/6 Splenic Projector)

1h 21m | Dec 2, 2022

Jessie’s HD Journey: 04:55

Projectors and Physicality: 12:42

Internalizing Collective Awareness: 16:57

The Projector Process: 20:03

My Experience with Physicality as a MP: 29:30

Functional Patterns, How & Why it can help you survive and thrive in your body: 32:15

My thoughts on Jessie’s Collective Judgment: 41:30

Hope/Guilt motivation and Hope/Guilt Transference: 45:49

Jessie’s completely Open Solar Plexus: 57:37

Moving past the homogenized idea of Guiding as a Projector: 01:04:05

Splenic Authority and Instinct vs Intuition: 01:11:46

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