Episode 2 with Courtney Rousseau (6/3 Emotional Generator)

1h 6m | Dec 2, 2022

Courtney’s (she/her) HD journey: 01:34

About Generator strategy: 09:34

Emotional authority: 11:21

Creativity and emotional lows: 13:36

59-6 Tribal emotional wave: 20:31

On not honoring the emotional process: 26:27

The importance of the right other for an emotional: 30:36

Being receptive in a strategic world: 37:00

Collective and tribal view on pop-HD and HD work in general: 46:58

Quality relationships over quantity: 52:14

Consecutive Determination, Wide Valleys and Outer Vision cognition: 54:48

I misspoke at 27:06, instead of 37-40 I said 47-30*

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