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Hope is the illness of romantics and doubt is the illness of cynics.

Stay tuned for Dio&Gene's Socratic dialogues on various topics.

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WD Episode 013 The Metaverse
Show Details28min 58s
WJC Episode 58: Do "Western Values" Exist
Show Details29min 54s
WJC Episode LVII--Top 10 Wine Jar Cynics Episodes Part II: Socrates&Antisthenes, Ideology, Psychedelics, Diogenes, First Podcast Episode Throwback
Show Details56min 15s
WJC Episode LVI--Top 10 Wine Jar Cynics Episodes Part 1: Conspiracy Theory Iceberg, Heru, Followers of Diogenes, Modern vs Ancient Cynics, The "Dog Philosophy"
Show Details50min 21s
WD Episode 012: Over-reliance on Technology, Collapse of The Grid, and The Need for Self-Reliance/Survivalism
Show Details32min 4s
WD Episode 011: The Hypocrisy& Precedent of Promoting Censorship
Show Details31min 5s
WJC Episode 55 Potential Paths to Ideological Fanaticism: Vulerabilities
Show Details46min 32s
WJC Episode 54: NFTs, Pizza Supremacy and Creepy Stories/UFOs
Show Details1hr 42min
WD Episode 010 Swedish Startup Epicenter Uses It's NFC Microchip Implant Technology For Vaccine Status: Analysis&Rant
Show Details1hr 6min
WJC Cynic Movie Review #1 Spider-Man: No Way Home
Show Details1hr 10min
WJC Episode 53 Charismatic Leaders, Martyrs and Ideas.
Show Details51min 14s
WD Episode 09 YouTube Removing Dislikes Rant
Show Details49min 19s
WJC Episode 52 Conspiracy Theory Iceberg Prologue: The Philosophy and Criticism of Conspiracy Theory Definitions
Show Details31min 23s
WJC Conspiracy Theory Iceberg Series: Intro
Show Details4min 20s
WJC Episode 51: Return From Hiatus and Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Rant
Show Details38min 24s
WJC Episode 50: Idealogy Should Not Define You
Show Details38min 48s
WD Episode 08 Tolerance and Apathy Towards the Surveillance State
Show Details45min 6s
WD Diruna Surveillence Report: 5-8-2021 | US Postal Service Is Spying On Americans/Alt-Tech/FBI&NSA Unconstiutional Data Collection
Show Details20min 29s
WJC Episode 49: The Allegory And Philosophy Of Watermellon Juice
Show Details32min 47s
WJC Episode 48 Cynic Diatribe: Opression, Flase Victimhood, and Power
Show Details40min 47s
WD Episode 07 The Stories Of How We Became Tech-Cynics
Show Details44min 25s
WD Episode 06 The Covid-19 Pandemic and Strengthened Surveillence State | Surveillence Pandemic Series 1
Show Details24min 50s
WD Episode 05 Technology-Enthusiasm Spectrum: Anti-Tech Terrorists, Tech Cynics and Technocratic Authoritarians
Show Details48min 7s
WD Episode 04 The Philosophy of Privacy and Why Its Important
Show Details49min 50s
WJC Episode 47 What Is Information Overload and What Are The Long Term Effects and Solutions ? ft. Modern Monk From U Are The Gym Podcast
Show Details50min 47s
WJC Episode 46: Wisdom and Questioning/Criticizing the Status Quo ft. Modern Monk From U Are The Gym Podcast
Show Details55min 52s
WJC Episode XLV Cynicism Philosophy In The Roman Empire
Show Details19min 41s
WD Episode 03 Pandora's Box and The Unfinished Fable of The Sparrows
Show Details22min 27s
WJC Episode 44 The Three Types of Day Dreamers: The Satisfied, The Somber and The Strugglers
Show Details46min 20s
WJC Episode XLIV Cynicism/Kynicism Philosophy and Idealogy In a Nutshell
Show Details38min 50s
WD Episode 02 The Definition and Philosophy of Watch Dogs
Show Details21min 27s
WJC Episode 43 The Snake Oil Salesman Of Ancient Greece and Today: The Sophists and Sophistry
Show Details23min 12s
WJC Episode 42 Bad/Incomplete Advice (Coals of Wisdom) #1 "Follow Your Passion"
Show Details28min 40s
WJC Episode 41 Life Lessons and Wisdom We Learned Late
Show Details37min 54s
WJC Episode 40 Psychedlics Part 2 Magic Mushrooms and The Mind: Introspection and Psychonautics
Show Details55min 40s
WJC Episode 39 Wisdom From Mentorship and Chinese Philosophy (San Ren Xing)
Show Details30min 18s
WJC Episode 38 Romanticism vs Classicism Movement and The Modern Parallels
Show Details1hr 8min
WJC Episode 37 Psychoanylitcs Part 2 Carl Jung Dream Symbolism
Show Details54min 37s
WJC Episode 36 Psychoanyltical Dream Interpretations Part 1 Sigmund Freud
Show Details59min 8s
WJC Episode 35 The Mystic Psychoanalyst Carl Jung
Show Details42min 30s
WJC Episode 34 Oneiromancy, Divine Prophetic Dreams and Dream Interpreations
Show Details55min 17s
WJC Episode 33 Entertaining Aristotle's Idea and The Genetic Fallacy
Show Details51min 49s
WJC Episode 32 Are Podcasts Promoting a New Medium of Misinformation?
Show Details38min 3s
WJC Episode 31 Is the American Dream Just a Dream?
Show Details38min 48s
WJC Episode 30 Freedoom vs Security Debate and Discussion
Show Details38min 48s
WD Episode 01 First Watchdogs Episode: Digital Civil Wars, Cencorship and The Philosophy of Free Speech
Show Details1hr
WJC Episode 28 Mac's Back
Show Details47min 29s
WJC Episode 27 Revenge of the Edible
Show Details36min 43s
WJC Episode 26 The American Creed
Show Details38min 41s
WJC Episode 25 Final 2020 Episode: Stoic Indifference and New Years Resolutions
Show Details29min 47s
WJC Episode 24 The Symbology and Psychology of The First Edibles Trip
Show Details33min 20s
WJC Episode 23 Christianity, Holy Wars, Bhuddism and Stoicism
Show Details1hr 11min
WJC Episode 22 Are The Young Yearning for Meaningful Lives?
Show Details55min 56s
WJC Episode XXI What Does Socratic/Kynic Self-Sufficiency Mean? ft Mac
Show Details51min 16s
WJC Episode 20 Conversations on Religion Part III Judaism ft Mac
Show Details47min 1s
WJC Episode 19 Conversations on Religion Part II Islam ft Mac
Show Details42min 40s
WJC Episode 18 Hidden Knowledge and Spiritual Journeys of The Pre-Christians ft Mac
Show Details1hr 9min
WJC Episode 17 Covid-19 Diatribe Part II Lockdowns ft Mac
Show Details1hr 35min
WJC Episode 16 Origion of Covid-19 Discussion and Diatribes ft Mac
Show Details1hr 2min
WJC Episode 15 Responding to Shocking Incel Posts From 4chan ft Mac
Show Details1hr 5min
WJC Episode 14 Language Learning Wisdom and Tactics ft Mac
Show Details1hr 6min
WJC Episode 13 The Chinese legend That Inspired DBZ +Spoilers ft Mac
Show Details1hr 7min
WJC Episode XII The Matrix In 2020: Interpreting the Allegories and Philosophies ft Mac
Show Details1hr 7min
WJC Episode XI Musashi Miyamoto&Samurai Philosophy ft Mac
Show Details45min 7s
WJC Episode X Self-Sufficiency and Doomsday Prepping ft Mac
Show Details53min 41s
WJC Episode IX Psychedelics and Bruce Lee's Philosophy ft Mac
Show Details1hr 9min
WJC Episode VIII Crazy China Chronicles with Warrior Philosopher Mac
Show Details1hr 46min
WJC Episode VII Before Marcus Aurelius, Zeno the Cynic
Show Details1hr 37min
WJC Episode VI Followers of Diogenes The Dog
Show Details1hr 34min
WJC Episode V The Dog Philosphy and Alexander The Great
Show Details1hr 4min
WJC Episode IV Socrates Gone Mad
Show Details2hr 6min
WJC Episode III Socrates and Antisthenes Roles in Cynicism
Show Details1hr 36min
WJC Episode II cynicism vs Cynicism
Show Details46min 33s
WJC Episode I Genesis and Moonlight
Show Details2hr 8min