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Stuck In Between

A podcast hosted by two friends on navigating their Aussie lives and their ethnic roots.


Mini Episode: Be Right Back!
Show Details5min 56s
42. How A Life-Changing Accident Made Me "Stronger" (w/ Disability Advocate, Dinesh Palipana)
Show Details49min 5s
41. Life of a Content Creator (w/ Content Creator, Deya Kannesha)
Show Details51min 34s
Mini Episode: Listener Questions & Values Activity (w/ Leadership Coach, Gaj Ravichandra)
Show Details19min 30s
40. Careers & Professional Development (w/ Leadership Coach & Psychologist, Gajanan Ravichandra)
Show Details55min 10s
39. Cultural Appropriation (w/ Artist, Rowi Singh)
Show Details51min 7s
38. The Biloela Family & Australia's Relationship With Asylum Seekers (w/ Volunteer at Tamil Refugee Council, Barathan Vidhyapathy)
Show Details42min 6s
Show Details17min 31s
36. The Masterchef Experience (w/ Chef, Kishwar Chowdhury)
Show Details47min 4s
35. "Trash to Treasured" (w/ Fashion Blogger, Tina Abeysekara)
Show Details46min
34. Part II - Domestic Violence (w/ Case Worker, Kittu Randhawa & Psychologist, Menaka Cooke from ICSA)
Show Details56min 15s
34. Part I - Domestic Violence (w/ Guests With Lived Experiences)
Show Details47min 31s
Mini Episode: "Behind Closed Doors" Event (w/ Event Co-Coordinator, Kersh Siva)
Show Details12min 26s
33. "Stay Woke" (w/ Playwright, Aran Thangaratnam)
Show Details30min 30s
32. Tokenism (w/ Model, Ragavi Ragavan)
Show Details51min 20s
Mini Episode: Holi
Show Details12min 14s
31. Preserving Stories (w/ Author, Shankari Chandran)
Show Details59min 17s
30. Food Sustainability (w/ Founder of "Dabba Drop", Anshu Ahuja)
Show Details39min 33s
29. Weddings
Show Details42min
28. Dance & Creator Communities (w/ Dancers, Anjana Chandran & Shashi Senthan)
Show Details47min 53s
27. Season 2 Kick Off
Show Details25min 1s
Mini Episode: 2021 Review (w/ Season 1 Guests)
Show Details15min 20s
26. Health Series - Part III: Unlocking Your Mindset (w/ Freedom Coach, Niro Dayalan)
Show Details57min 43s
26. Health Series - Part II: Fitness (w/ Fitness Expert, Janani Beadle)
Show Details39min 4s
26. Health Series - Part I: Diet & Nutrition (w/ Dietitian, Dr. Anika Rouf)
Show Details41min 48s
25. Q&A (w/ Uncultured the Podcast)
Show Details56min 3s
24. "Eastern Empire" (w/ Musicians, Janakan Raj & Babitha Selva)
Show Details46min 8s
Mini Episode: Diwali/Deepavali
Show Details19min 6s
23. Rituals & Traditions
Show Details47min 32s
22. Madhuraa & Manish (w/ Drag King, Madhuraa Prakash)
Show Details50min 12s
21. Part II - Journalism Landscape (w/ Journalist, Alicia Vrajlal)
Show Details32min 10s
21. Part I - Journalism as a POC (w/ Journalist, Alicia Vrajlal)
Show Details41min 36s
Mini Episode: Interview w/ Janaki Easwar, Singer & The Voice Australia Contestant
Show Details22min 44s
20. "Bindi Bosses" (w/ Dancers, Shankari Jeyaseelan & Sakshi Brahmbhatt)
Show Details49min 43s
19. Part II - Indian Mythology (w/ Mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik)
Show Details40min 12s
19. Part I - Indian Mythology (w/ Mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik)
Show Details39min 53s
Mini Episode: "Never Have I Ever" Review
Show Details20min 27s
18. Going Viral With South Asian Music (w/ Singer, Janani Sharma aka @jananisings)
Show Details47min 28s
17. "Healthy Start" for Refugees (w/ Dr. Sanjay Joseph)
Show Details49min 17s
16. Colourism (w/ Digital Creator, Swarnaa Rajalingam aka @thelifeofasocialbutterfly)
Show Details59min 58s
15. Turning Passion Into Reality (w/ Entrepreneur, Helani Sarath-Kumara)
Show Details47min 27s
14. Passing Heritage Forward (w/ Entrepreneur, Luckshmi Nirmalananda)
Show Details54min 39s
13. Everyday Racism (w/ Our Listeners)
Show Details50min 50s
12. "Indian Match Making" (w/ Nadia Jagessar)
Show Details51min 21s
11. Fashion (w/ Entrepreneur, Tamanna Rafique)
Show Details42min 7s
10. Identifying as Queer & Hindu (w/ LGBTQI+ Representative, Gowtham Jeya)
Show Details47min 25s
9. "Peace & Light" (w/ Artist, L-FRESH The LION)
Show Details46min 26s
8. Sexual Violence (w/ Sexual Assault Counsellor, Neeraja Sanmuhanathan)
Show Details50min 12s
7. Representation on Screen (w/ Actor, Rajan Velu)
Show Details43min 22s
6. Self Love (w/ NF Ambassador, Janu Dhayanathan)
Show Details44min 32s
5. Food
Show Details35min 30s
4. Mental Health (w/ Dr. Bhairi Pari & Special Guest)
Show Details58min 16s
3. South Asian Films & Gender Roles (w/ PhD Scholar, Meenaatchi Saverimuttu)
Show Details51min 37s
2. Relationships
Show Details38min 3s
1. Growing Up Ethnic
Show Details40min 20s
Show Details10min 22s