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Naturally Supernatural with Robin Bremer

Naturally Supernatural with Robin is a podcast about living the Supernatural life. We believe the Supernatural should be natural!

We believe that we should be doing everything Jesus did and greater works because we have Jesus’ supernatural presence living in us. We believe that raising the dead, angels, supernatural wine, going to the Courts of Heaven, supernatural health, learning, youthfulness are all part of our new nature. We believe that the earth groans until we manifest as the Sons of God. We believe in the supernatural power of the blood and body of Jesus. As a new creation we have authority over everything on earth to bring it LIFE, we carry that life within us and our goal is to teach you about the love, grace and power you carry within yourself as a son of God. We believe that you should have a supernatural two way relationship with Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Father every day! If your looking for conventional religion boring teaching this is not it, we don’t believe in wasting your time in teaching you about doing good or being good we teach about having a supernatural relationship with Heaven!

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How to Have PEACE Anytime Anywhere
Show Details22min 9s
How to get rid of Fear
Show Details14min 54s
The Courts Of Heaven, Words, Blood, Curses
Show Details36min 40s
How to Manifest Heaven in Your Body
Show Details36min 40s
How to Have LIFE in Every Area of Your Life
Show Details35min 52s
Once Saved Always Saved the Power for Living
Show Details4min 9s
How to LIVE and Not Die
Show Details35min 52s
In the Courts of Heaven Things to Repent of
Show Details31min 22s
In the Courts of Heaven the Dangers of Gossip and Fornication
Show Details19min 36s
How to put on the Whole Armor of God
Show Details19min 24s
Angels, Dreams and Visions
Show Details18min 39s
Soul and Spiritual Cleansing Prayers
Show Details32min 14s
DNA- Science & Spiritual Truths
Show Details36min 15s
How to Hear From the Holy Spirit
Show Details8min 30s
How to Change Your Brain!
Show Details14min 13s
4 Steps to Success in the Courts of Heaven
Show Details17min 33s
How to Move forward in Using the Courts of Heaven if Your Stuck
Show Details12min 4s
Introduction to the Courts of Heaven- What do you do?
Show Details21min 14s
How to see in the Spirit
Show Details23min 25s
Prayer & Power for Kids in Prison
Show Details14min 10s
Laughter, Gold Dust, Shaking, Drunk, is this God?
Show Details18min 44s
YOU Are a Supernatural Being
Show Details22min 12s
Angels & Your Imagination
Show Details33min 37s
Use the Scriptures to Command Your Angels
Show Details18min 35s
Proof That We Are to Command our Angels
Show Details20min 46s
How to Command Your Angels
Show Details21min 51s