INTRO: DIY Podcast Launch-Be Heard Around the World

Season 1 | Episode 1
2m | Jan 1, 2023

The world of Podcasting is growing day by day. People all around the world are enjoying influence and impact with their own professional Podcast.

The good news...You're not alone. You can DIY the launch (but with a little help, if you want). Go to and download the FREE 50+ page e-book. It'll walk you through the process step by step (but don't forget the Podcast Production Tools)!

Now, would you rather watch a FREE Webinar? You can sign up for that too and watch it whenever you want. Hey, you can only get so far with watching YouTube and Googling everything. Listen in to these quick tips and get some real help and encouragement.

This Show will help you to launch faster, smarter, sound more professional and to have a plan in place, in advance so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and quit.

Ok? Sound good? Great! Now, let’s get started and let’s get YOUR Podcast up and running so you can have influence and impact all around the world.  

Stay encouraged, follow your dream and don't give up!


Podcast Launch Webinar Link HERE.

50+ e-Book Download HERE

Professional Production Tools HERE

Free 30 Minute Coaching Session HERE

Create and Launch Your Own Professional Podcast