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Halftime Community Podcast

Community podcast for the people by the people. Guests join us every episode from the Halftime community to chop it up about basketball and everything going on in the NBA.


E23: Episode 23: End of season coaching press conference and introducing manalytics into the fold
Show Details14min 21s
Ep 22: Nostradamus Metta answers all of the questions
Show Details50min 31s
Saving Simmons Episode 1
Show Details19min 49s
Episode 21: Mavs coaching and front office shakeup, offseason trade scenarios, and the exorcism of Ben Simmons
Show Details54min 5s
Episode 20: A sit down interview with the commish, Adam Silver, and handing out one special postseason award
Show Details12min 33s
Episode 19: Recapping the first round of the playoffs, talking Lakers fans off the cliff, and updated finals picks with @BlkAlien and @BSnoozey
Show Details56min 43s
Episode 18: Game 1 takeaways and previewing the rest of the first round matchups with @Nappysroots
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 17: Handing out some end of season awards, Brad Stevens to Indy confirmed, play in tournament takes, and first round predictions with @BSnoozey
Show Details54min 4s
Episode 16: Basketball skills training, most skilled players in the NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers past and present, and finals picks with @BSnoozey (Brandon) and @Mpenn614 (Miles)
Show Details1hr 26min
Episode 15: Breaking down who is a star in the league vs superstars, and talking Thunder/Sonics past and present with @BSnoozey
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 14: Two legendary interviews in one episode; Sixers legend Allen Iverson and Halftime Community legend @Luidjy
Show Details49min 20s
Episode 13: One month until the play in games, Daniel Theis theory, and a T Wolves/Halftime check in with @Justin
Show Details28min 13s
Episode 12: Halftime Community Roundtable Trade Deadline Edition
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 11: Blake Griffin dunks again, R.I.P. Elgin Baylor, and a Bucks/NCAA Tournament check in with @FEARTHEDEER
Show Details53min 29s
Episode 10: Contenders vs pretenders, big injuries, and a Golden State Warriors check in and stroll down Monta Ellis memory lane with @dbtrossi (Tyler Rossi)
Show Details46min 41s
Episode 9: Blake to Brooklyn, trade deadline talk, darkhorse contenders, and a Lakers check in with @jcbenson
Show Details37min 50s
Episode 8: Handing out some all star season awards, Toronto Raptors check in with @ThatTorontoFan, and answering all your mailbag questions
Show Details37min
Episode 7: Lakers and Celtics panic button update, there is a mole in our organization, and a Dallas Mavericks/Denver Nuggets check in with @Briott14
Show Details40min 21s
Episode 6: Quarterly Check In with The Halftime Roundtable of guests
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 5: Brooklyn Nets watch, Business of basketball/everything in between with @Nappysroots, Kobe Bryant edition of the Halftime Speech with @ReggieLewis35
Show Details45min 53s
Episode 4: James Harden trade, Clippers check in with @kLAW06, ReggieLewis35 Halftime Speech
Show Details43min 14s
Episode 3: Steph Curry, Zion, Coach Bagley update, Bradley Beal, Knicks strong start, and a Hawks conversation with @ATLHawk
Show Details47min 19s
Episode 2: Hot starts, James Harden, and Lakers check in with Nique86
Show Details47min 50s
Episode 1: Rudy Gobert Extension, ReggieLewis35 introduction, and Briott14 as community guest
Show Details47min 1s