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Gardening In Canada

Gardening in Canada podcast is a podcast dedicated to the science of gardening. From cold climate gardening to indoor plants a soil scientist takes you on the journey of being a plant hobbyist


Using Foliar Copper On Houseplants
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When Do You Stop Watering Perennials In The Fall
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Using Foliar Copper On Houseplants Plants
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How To Shut Down Your Garden In The Fall
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Why is peat the standard for potting soil? Promix Natural Resource , manager interview
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What Happened To Roots & Refugees Soil? Is This Fixable?!v
Show Details22min 36s
Plant Biologist Talks About Peatland Restoration
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Is Peat Moss Harvesting Ethical? The President of the CPSMA Tells All
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How To Choose A Garden Soil & What Should You Look Out For.
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Tomato Planting Depth For Cold Climates
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Tomato Hairs Are Not Roots… This Is Why.
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Fluval Stratum For Houseplants. The Future Of Semi Hydro?
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Bokashi Vs. Trench Composting. Which Is The Best Option For You?
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Bone & Blood Meal For Your Plants Is It Worth It? For Houseplants It Maybe The Answer…
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Insect Fras Is The New Plant Pest Prevention. The Plant Vaccine Of The Future.
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Seed Starting By The Moon Phases. Does It Really Work?
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What is the nutrient break down of vermicompost? Does vermicast have anti microbial attributes?
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Using Kombucha Scoby To Water Plants
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Lomi & Electric Composting. What Is The Byproduct?
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Glyphosate & Garden Soil: What Does The Science Say.
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Sterilization For Seed Starting. Do You Need To Sterilize Seed Starting Setups.
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Carbon Sequestration With Our Soil While Gardening. How To Collect Carbon Credits.
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Liqui Dirt Review. What Science Says About Liqui Dirt
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How To Properly Fertilize Semi Hydroponic Houseplants
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How To Grow Luffa & Eucalyptus In Canada
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What Is Seed Scarification? Why Do We Need To Scar Seeds?
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Is It Safe To Grow Edible Plants In Plastic Containers? Is Start Seeds In Plastic Safe
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Calcium For Plants. Is Calcium Really Deficient In Your Soil?
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Why Plants Need Copper & How To Detect A Copper Deficency
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Chlorine Is An Essential Plant Nutrient?! Episode 2 of The Plantmas Marathon!
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How Nitrogen Works With Plants & Why Balance Is Key. 17 Days Of Essential Plant Nutrients.
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How To Fertilize Houseplants Without Burning. The Most Effect Way To Water Indoor Plants
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Fertilizing House Plants In The Winter. Do Houseplants Go Dormant?
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Why Your Neem Oil Doesn’t Work For Your Plants Anymore
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Hydrogen Peroxide For Plants. Should you add Hydrogen Peroxide to your soil?!
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Leaf Shine For Houseplants. What is in the stuff and is it really harmful?
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The Canadian Victory Garden
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Leaf Cutter Bees For Increasing Garden Yields
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How to start gardening in cold climates
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Gardening In Canada (Trailer)
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