“Menpathy,” a blend of the words “men” and “empathy,” is a podcast dedicated to empathizing with the stories, experiences, and mental health of men in modern society. Join Nash Rose and Chao Williams each week as they comedically and sincerely explore topics that are often overlooked in a world that continues to perpetuate false ideas of manhood. No topic is off limits as Nash and Chao (and sometimes guests) delve into a range of perspectives from lighthearted banter about the intricacies of dating (c’mon, who should really be paying the bill on the first date?) to more intense and meaningful topics like the importance of crying and the snowball effects of unhealed trauma. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn. New episodes released every Wednesday in partnership with Three Springs Media.


8. I'm Depressed and I Accept
Show Details48min 5s
7. Sex For Dessert, Please
Show Details57min 10s
6. Big Booties Matter
Show Details49min 4s
5. What a Man Wants, What a Man Needs
Show Details46min 7s
4. No Role Models in the Wild
Show Details45min 58s
3. Pay For Me Too!
Show Details30min 53s
2. Is it Love or Is it Simping?
Show Details1hr 2min
1. Man, You Better Cry.
Show Details42min 38s
Introducing "Menpathy"
Show Details1min 11s