04: Why You Don't Need A Website Right Away, What You Must Do First, And 3 Ways To Present Yourself Professionally Before It's Ready

Episode 4
31m | Dec 15, 2021

Today I am probably going to make you think I've decided to close shop. I haven't, I promise!
We start with why you shouldn't begin with a website right away. We'll go over 7 things you need to have ready to go before starting your awesome website. I also break down the 8 things you need for the 4th of those 7 (hint: it's all about branding your business)

There are 3 amazing ladies I've learned almost everything I know about branding from I mentioned in this episode. All mistakes are completely mine, by the way. Be sure to find their info below and follow them or grab a resource!

Our three branding ladies!

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Pat Flynn's Build Your Own Brand Course:

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