03: 5 Reasons WordPress Dominates The Online Space

Episode 3
15m | Nov 22, 2021

Today Jenn gives you 5 reasons WordPress dominates the online space. You'll also get some statistics about how many websites it powers and even if it or Shopify leads e-commerce in popularity.

Jenn also reads her first review! It's from her friend and long-time client, Allison Scholes. Go check out Allison on Instagram for all things Instagram! How meta *wink, wink*

If you'd like to leave a review and possibly hear it on air but don't see a place to do so on your favorite listening app (MOST don't have a way to do this, YIKES!) got and pick any of the 3 listed there!

Reviews help others decide if the show is for them AND help Jenn see what's great and what can be improved.

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