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Carnival Cruising Podcastaways

Join superfans Trevor Shelby and Thomas Kennedy each week as they lead their audience through their love of Carnival Cruise Line, Cruise News, and a focus on various Carnival Cruising Topics and interviews with Carnival staff, Crewmembers and Excursion staff who work so hard to make each and every cruise magical!  


Live with our Friends "Have Luggage Will Travel"
Show Details2hr 10min
Carnival Testing Changes
Show Details50min 2s
The Cheers Package, Aruba and more!
Show Details46min 3s
The Carnival Ship that Never Was!
Show Details25min 59s
Bonus - May 2022 Carnival Breeze Full Review
Show Details18min 23s
The Blue Card Intern - Reese Schrimsher
Show Details35min 53s
New Ships coming to Carnival
Show Details32min 11s
A Chat with our friends "Parkers On The Go"
Show Details46min 12s
Wild Kids on Carnival Ships
Show Details29min 16s
Carnival Dream Review by the Platinum Man
Show Details46min 1s
Show Details15min 28s
Back from the Carnival Breeze
Show Details32min 20s
The Backpack Adventure - Pier Runners YouTube Preview
Show Details26min 46s
A Chat with our friend Cheryl Cooper aka SIGCruiser
Show Details32min 59s
The Perks in The VIFP Club
Show Details47min
Our Experences in New Orleans
Show Details37min 5s
Things to do when Cruising To Cozumel
Show Details35min 7s
Should 18 year olds be allowed on the serenity deck?
Show Details30min 27s
How to Maximize your Carnival Vacation
Show Details48min 8s
A Chat with Our Best Friends "Have Luggage Will Travel"
Show Details47min 54s
Thomas Kennedy's Vista Review
Show Details58min 32s
Should I wear a Speedo for Formal Night???
Show Details8min 39s
E Mustar is here to stay!
Show Details22min 10s
Carnival Boarding Update with Verifly, 50th Birthday Celebrated and Cruise News
Show Details35min 38s
A Chat with Charlie's Roatan Tours
Show Details41min 10s
A Chat with Hypnotist Brenda Kaye
Show Details31min 24s
Carnival's 50th Birthday & Different Types of Cruises
Show Details30min 31s
A chat with Travel Agency "Have Luggage, Will Travel"
Show Details45min 13s
Changing Ports and All about the Cheers Package
Show Details29min 47s
Dining Choices, What Three Things we would like to see on a Carnival Ship!
Show Details35min 11s
A Chat with Former Carnival Musical Director Zach Lee
Show Details36min 46s
The Casino, PVP's and Crazyness in Security!
Show Details23min 28s
Our Favorite Rooms and Eateries on the Fun Ships!
Show Details36min 3s
Secret Decks and Other Underutilized Areas on a Cruise
Show Details53min 41s
Food on the Mardi Gras
Show Details39min 51s
Things to do in Key West
Show Details46min 23s
The 1972 Carnival Mardi Gras
Show Details50min 23s
Show Details1min 32s